Monday, March 21, 2011

Day 80

This morning Gus and I went with Wendy and Ashley to a K14 in-home playdate in FV. I didn't know anyone there, and Wendy said that Amie and Liz were going to be there, so I said I'd go too. Well... Amie and Liz didn't go, but it was still fun. There were a TON of little ones! The lady that hosted the playdate runs her own in-home daycare, so she had like every toy that you could think of in her house. Gus had a good time and was showing off by walking around.  :)

After the playdate, Wendy and I left and went to the Dollar Tree. I got Gus some stuff and some Easter cards and then we headed back to HS to pick up K from preschool. We decided to drive to Apex for lunch and we went to Red Robin (Yummm). It was so good... and Gus had some mac-n-cheese as well as some bread and the potato portion of some fries. We went to Rita's after and I was so bummed to see that they didn't have any Swedish Fish. Instead, I just had twist custard.

Wendy had a ped appointment for Ashley so she dropped me off. I folded some laundry and then Steve got home and took Gus upstairs for a nap. He ended up sleeping for a little more than an hour. :)

Wendy and the girls came back over and I made Dijon pretzel chicken with pasta-roni and veggies for dinner. They seemed to enjoy it. After we ate, Steve and I took the girls and Gus outside to play in the street. K rode her bike, Ashely pushed her toy lawn mower, and then Steve pushed Gus in his new trike. I had Elphie on her leash and Ned roamed free. It was so nice outside!!

Tomorrow is my Scentsy party at Wendy's and I'm super excited. Steve has his big presentation at UNC tomorrow so he won't be home to watch Gus, so he'll be going to Wendy's with me. Her mom and sister are coming, and then Susan (one of Wendy's friends) is supposed to come too. It should be fun and I hope they like all that Scentsy has to offer!!

See you tomorrow!!


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So glad you guys have been able to take full advantage of the amazing weather we're having here lately! Loving Gus' new tricycle, too cute!

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