Sunday, September 04, 2011

Day 247

We made it home!

Our morning started off with Gus being sound asleep. We both managed to get showers, packed, Steve loaded the car, and Gus was still sleeping. I hated to wake him, but we had to get on the road!

We met Steve's dad and Sue Ann at Lumpy's for breakfast. His dad wanted to show Gus to all of his friends.

We got on the road around 9. I'm not sure why, but the trip home seemed longer than the trip there.

I had zero motivation for classwork, and I am officially behind schedule. I'm going to have to seriously bust ass tomorrow and the rest of this week to get back on track.

Here are pictures from the road:

Gus did really well this trip. He slept more today and that was good. He's teething, so it was more difficult than needed, but we played, sang, read, and talked. Not too bad for not having movies and other things to keep him busy.

I'm uploading pictures... Tomorrow will be devoted to school. I'm eager to crawl into MY bed and snuggle next to Steve! It's been a long week of not sleeping next to him!!

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