Friday, September 09, 2011

Day 252

September 9th, 2010

September 9th, 2011

I cannot believe that Gus was able to go down the stairs FORWARD FACING unassisted today!!! He's doing so many amazing things these days. I feel like I blink and he's doing something new and incredible!! It brings so much joy to my heart!!

Here's pictures of him coming down the stairs this morning:

Of course the flash went off on my phone and he got super excited

Gus got a GREAT night's sleep last night. He slept for more than 12 hours and didn't wake at all. He woke up this morning and was in his crib singing and talking. Music to my ears!

We had breakfast and played for a few minutes and then we had to leave for Lacey's house. We had a playdate with the triplets and Grace. It was a wonderful morning!!

On the way to Lacey's, Katie called me and invited us to the Little Gym on Tuesday for "bring a friend to class day." She's been taking Emma for a while and Emma loves it. Emma and Oliver were actually in the same class, and when we were at Marbles last month, Melanie (Oliver's mom) was telling me about how much Oliver loves it and that Gus would probably love it too. So we're going to go with Katie and Emma and hopefully it'll be something that Gus enjoys! I figure he will... it's climbing and tumbling which is RIGHT up his alley!!

Here are some pictures from this morning:
Right up in my grill

Lacey and Hadley


Plotting something...

Slamming the sippy (lol)


This made me laugh

Ready for a snack!

Reagen (Gus's favorite)

They looked like seagulls attacking for food

Having a snack

Manuel Labor made an appearance

Gus and Reagen

Gus was exhausted when we left around noon. He was fighting sleep so hard!! We got home and had lunch and then I put him to bed. He slept for two and a half hours.

I worked on my courses. Last night, I recalculated my hours for my classes and determined that I am NOT behind at all! I'll actually finish the first part of my program a day early!! I have until November 23rd to have everything done and I'm slated to be done on the 22nd. It makes me happy to know that I'm on-track!! I have to do 4-5 hours per day to stay on-track... but I think I can do it. Anything that I don't do during the week, I can do during the weekend. Saturdays are my busy day because I can stay up super late and work and then sleep in on Sunday.

Anyway, Gus got up and we stayed up here and played until Steve got home.

A devilish look in his eye as he's playing with Steve's computer...

I decided to try and put together the chair we got at Ikea... but I didn't have a hammer up here so I couldn't complete it. Gus decided that he could do it for me:

After Steve got home we headed to Fiesta Mexicana for dinner. It wasn't the best ever. We decided to try a booster seat since Gus is constantly trying to climb out of a high-chair. However... Steve didn't think it was a good move, so he went back into the high-chair and Steve wrestled him all during dinner. Finally, it was too much and he let him out and had to deal with him on the seat next to him without the booster.

Yes, that's Gus's foot next to Steve's hand

We stopped at Sonic for dessert and then came home and put Gus to bed. I'm going to work on my program... I'm hoping to finish block 2 of Anatomy tonight. :)

We've got a busy weekend of doing nothing but relaxing and enjoying our time together as a family. We'll watch some movies and catch up on the DVRd shows that we haven't had time to watch!!

Here are a few pictures of Gus from last year:
I vividly remember taking this picture!!

Such a ham-bone!!

See you tomorrow!


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