Thursday, September 08, 2011

Day 251

September 8th, 2010

September 8th, 2011

Look at that beautiful bald-headed baby from 2010!! Hee hee. It's so funny to me that when I think back about things, I remember being so silly as to worry about things that don't really matter. Like when I was so worried that Gus would never sit-up on his own (lol). He was seven or eight months before he was able to sit up without falling over and then a month later he was taking his first steps. In hindsight, there was nothing to worry about, but I guess you never stop worrying as a parent.

I'm so proud of Gus for all that he is. I had been worried about his language development. I think this one worries me with a legitimate reason; warning signs for Autism... delayed language is one of the indicators. Not only that, but Gus is a boy and boys have higher Autism rates than girls. 

It's hard not to compare him to others... and I don't do it to see if he's "better than" others, it's for my own piece of mind that he's on-track developmentally. And, if he's not on track, that's fine, I just want to know how to help him. So, it's not helpful to compare him to his peers because the only kids that we play with that are his age (all within eight days of each other) are all girls and girls and boys DO develop and learn differently.

I'm also very aware that all children ARE different. Gus is very advanced with gross motor skills and I'd hope no one compares their child to him thinking that it's "normal" and their child is "abnormal" because they don't run, kick or climb like Gus. He's unique and has his own special skills and abilities.

All that being said, Gus's language has really started to take-off! It's like we go to MI and we come back and changes happen. He started walking soon after our February trip and now he's starting to mimic and say a lot more words. For example, today, I went to Taco Bell for lunch (it is Thursday after all) and when we got home, he reached for my taco and I said, "Gus, that's a taco. Would you like a bite?" and he said, "taco" clear as a bell. :-)

Needless to say, I'm feeling better about the language. However, I looked at the 18-Month Check List that Kristen had and there are six items under communication... to be "in the clear" he would need at least four of the six. The three that he doesn't have yet are identifying animals from pictures (show him a book and he can point to the dog when asked) and the other two are related to speaking a two-word phrase ("Gus go" for example) and then something else with words. Anyway... I do know that a lot can happen in two months, so I'm just going to keep my eyes open and see what we come up with.

On a positive note, for the other areas he's able to do all of them (and he's not even 16 months yet) so I think that's a GREAT thing. I know those check lists are only tools for screening for developmental delays and Autism, but it's nice to know that for other areas, we're in the clear.

Okay... so today we got up and headed to Kristen's for a playdate. I didn't go to the park with the K15 crew yesterday, so we met up with her and Grace today. I haven't seen her since before our trip, so it was nice to catch up and hear about her parents' surprise anniversary party that she threw them, and her vacation to see Thom's dad and step-mom. Grace and Gus had fun together and it made me thankful that I've got friends that I can do playdates with. Gus is very lucky too.

Here are pictures from our morning:

We stopped at Taco Bell and grabbed lunch and came home to eat. Gus was squirming out of his high-chair, so I let him sit in the seat next to me. He was SO excited to eat at the table like a big boy!! I'm thinking that for his 16 month birthday (Sunday), we'll graduate him to a booster seat and let him start eating at the table without using the high-chair!!

He looks so tiny at the table!

We headed upstairs for a nap around 1:15 and by 1:30 he was asleep. I was able to work on my school work and got a lot done!! Gus slept for 3.5 hours!!!
Before his nap

I am going to keep working tonight until Steve gets home (around midnight) and should finish the first block of Anatomy and then I can start block 2. I would only need to get another module done to be caught up. Maybe this weekend I can do it.

After Gus got up, we headed downstairs and it was dinner time (it was 5:30). We played with my camera and Gus really likes my photo booth app. :-)
Neddy Foo Foo

Me and Ned  <3

I just can't get enough of Gus. He's so adorable and makes me so happy. YES... today was a MUCH better day than yesterday (I think he about drove me bonkers yesterday). :-)

After dinner we watched television and Gus played while I 1/2 paid attention to the TV. It was dark in the livingroom so my flash on my camera was going off with each picture. Gus was loving it! He was squealing and shrieking when the flash would go off!!

It's the little things in life. <3

We came upstairs and I gave him a bath (it wore him out) and then I got him in his pjs and read him The Runaway Bunny (my favorite). Then I put him in bed.

I talked to Steve and I'm excited for him to get home tonight. I miss him when he's gone! I'm excited for the weekend to arrive so we have more time together! :-)

Here are a few more pictures from a year ago:

It's so funny because he still looks like the same Gus to me... I love him so very much!

Tomorrow we're going to Lacey's for a playdate with the Fab Five. It should be fun!!


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