Saturday, September 10, 2011

Day 253

September 10th, 2010
September 10th, 2011

What a day! I was able to sleep in this morning, which was nice since I was up until midnight working on school stuff. Steve and Gus had their breakfast together and then I had something when I came down. It was then time for Gus's nap, so we came up and Steve and Gus showered and then I put Gus down while Steve took Chuck Dio for an oil change.

When Steve got back, I had already fed Gus lunch and we were ready to go. We headed to the Roast Grill in Raleigh. We saw it on Man Vs Food on the Travel Channel and there was a Living Social deal earlier this summer, so I had a $20 voucher for us to use. 

It was an interesting place. VERY small, but had a definite charm to it and was run by an old married couple. He bitched about needing more chili and she ignored him and then when it was time for him to go get it (because she never did) she bitched at him for leaving to get more chili. It was rather amusing.

There was a HUGE wait for food. It's not the kind of place to go for a quick bite to eat. We sat at the counter and waited at least 30 minutes before someone even got our drink order. And do not, no matter what you do, give your food order to the lady... she ONLY does drinks! LOL

We had two hotdogs "fully loaded" (chili, onions, and mustard) and then Steve had one with slaw. Gus had a plain dog and he loved it! We both had a Coke (in a glass bottle) and walked out not owing anything. They gave Gus two Tootsie Rolls before we left and it was cute. Here are pictures:
On our way there... Gus loves the water bottle!

It's so tiny!

The old man and his wife that run the joint
Trying to patiently wait for our food...

The grill. It's somewhat gross and looks like it hasn't been cleaned in YEARS but the dogs were delicious so I won't complain!

Standing room only... and be vocal to get your order placed... otherwise you'll be waiting even longer if you're not at the counter!

8 oz Coke  :-)

Ready for lunch!

Eating his very first hotdog! He loved it!

My dogs

Steve LOVED it!  :D
Steve's "all the way" with slaw

The "Wall of Fame"

There's a Man Vs. Food banner and then Adam's picture with 17 dogs next to it. The current champ is at 24 dogs!! INCREDIBLE! I had two and was STUFFED!!

The line outside waiting to get in!!

They only have Coke and Diet Coke. They do NOT serve ketchup. In fact, their menu consists of plain hotdogs or chili dogs. They have slaw, mustard and onions. THAT'S IT and they only take CASH!!

Hee hee... "hot weiners" made me laugh

After our lunch we headed to Cary Towne Center (the mall) for some shopping. We went to Belk and Steve got several outfits for work and they're amazing! We saved over $400 today on deals!! Now that's what I call a successful shopping trip!!

Steve and Gus

Waiting to check out

I experienced my first taste of being utterly embarrassed by my child at a store. Gus threw an all-out TANTRUM while we were at Belk. He did NOT want to be in the stroller anymore and wanted to be held... which I tried, but he's in the "I ONLY WANT DADDY" phase and Steve was busy trying on clothes and trying to focus on what he wanted to buy. It was a complete disaster.

Thankfully, everyone in the store took pity on us and gave us polite smiles and sweet comments instead of calling CPS on us for ignoring the screaming banshee. UGH. At least Steve was with me and got to experience the joy of toddler-hood. Serioulsy, 90% of the time Gus is amazing... incredible even. But when he doesn't get what he wants... he unleashes his wrath and holy smokes!! We can't give in, otherwise he'll think he can keep doing this shit and eventually will get his way. He's testing US... and today we stood firm and I'm proud of us.  :-)   But damn was it hard!!

We headed to Wal-Mart for grocery shopping on the way home and while heading in, two appache helicopters flew overhead. Here's a picture:

Of course Gus threw another tantrum at Wal-Mart (this time it's because he was tired)... so we rushed out. We forgot catfood and litter (must-have items) so we hit the other Wal-Mart. Steve ran in, and here's what I captured in the back seat:

TOTALLY coming unglued because Steve went into Wal-Mart


 We got home and I put Gus down for a MUCH-NEEDED nap. He slept for two hours. We had breakfast for dinner (eggs, toast and bacon) and Steve cooked. It was delicious. 

When Gus finally got up, he was in a much better mood. Here are some sweet pictures of him and Steve together:

I LOVE this!!

Tomorrow we're not going anywhere. It'll be a great day for Steve because DirecTV has a free NFL Pass trial so he'll get to watch the Bengals game. Yes my friends, it's football season again. 

I'm going to finish Block 2 of my Anatomy class tonight and then tomorrow I start Mastering Medical Language. I have until the 15th to get that one done. See you tomorrow!


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