Sunday, November 06, 2011

Day 310

I hate the time change!!

Gus was up at 6... But due to the time change, it was 5! It made for a LONG day.

We has breakfast and then Rick called and we headed out to start day two of the house shopping trip.

The first house today was a foreclosed home and came "as is." That means anything wrong with it won't be fixed and it won't be cleaned up or anything prior to our moving in. This put up a red flag right away with me.

There were a few things I'd want changed and fixed and that wasn't going to happen. NEXT...

The next house was one that I found and it was a custom built home, had a great layout and was in Roswell.

The house was nice... Interesting even, but not a house for us. NEXT!!

The third house was the house that was my #1 pick going into this weekend. I was super excited to see it.


The house was a mess, slightly dirty, and in need of a lot of repairs. I was so disappointed.

Then we went to a house in Kennesaw that was VERY nice, but Kennesaw would be a 44 minute drive for Steve, the area wasn't as nice as Alpharetta or Johns Creek. Steve would have had to take 75 to work, which isn't something he wanted to do.

We went to lunch at this cute little diner that had a train that went around (suspended from the ceiling). Gus LOVED it!!!

We weren't feeling hopeful with only two houses left to see.

We headed to Marietta and saw another house with a pool.

We loved it!!! It had a walk in pantry, huge open living room, gorgeous kitchen, and a nice basement. The pool was nice, it had an extended lot behind the pool and it was nice.

The last house of the day was on Snug Harbor. Such a cute house-- we both fell in love.

This house had a screened porch that had a tv mounted outside... A nice yard, an awesome basement, and was nicely painted.

We got back to the hotel and each did a break down of features and then talked about our findings.

Our top four were Amberleigh and Windview from yesterday, and then Snug Harbor and Renford from today.

Strangely enough, Renford and Amberleigh but had 39/70 points... And then Snug Harbor had 51/70 and Windview had 52/70.

We let Ruck know that we wanted to make an offer on Windview and he's coming over tomorrow morning to get the paperwork together.

I'm excited and hoping that they accept. We're asking for a few things... The kitchen table (fits perfectly in the kitchen and matches the cabinets), the tv that's custom mounted on the wall, there's a HUGE painting on the wall that we're asking for, all the furniture in the basement, and the refrigerators (one upstairs and one downstairs). Also the play set and trampoline, and lastly, the pool table.

Wish us luck that they accept!!

We came back, Gus napped and Steve went to work to drop off his monitor and some pictures that I brought for him.

We had Chinese for dinner and watched the Patriots lose (Yahooooo)!!

I'll post again tomorrow!! Goodnight!!

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