Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 313 (November 9th, 2011)

November 9th, 2010

November 9th, 2011

What a long day!! 

I'm posting this today (11-10-11) because we got home too late last night to post. I'm going to post a separate entry with pictures of our house, but yesterday we went to the house on our way back to NC and saw it one more time.

We got up and went down for breakfast and then Steve left for work while Gus and I played. He was tired from his day at the zoo and lack of a long nap, so when 10:00 rolled around, he went down for a nap without a fight. It freed me up to pack and get the room back to normal.

Steve got back to the hotel around 11:45 and we got Gus up, loaded him and the stuff in the car, and checked out of the hotel. We drove to Johns Creek and had lunch in the car on the way to the house.

The home inspection was taking place, so we went inside and took pictures and then we were on the road by 3:30.

Gus loved the trampoline!! We need a safety fence before he can go on it again!

We stopped at Cracker Barrel for dinner and then we arrived here around 10:00. We unpacked the car and put Gus to bed and then we went to bed.

When we walked in the house, the smell of cat poo hit us... Steve went into the laundry room (where their boxes are) and noticed that their boxes had not been cleaned. Their water was empty and they were out of food. I instantly got pissed because our neighbors (their two boys) were supposed to be taking care of the cats for us. There were three bags off to the side, so out of the six days that we were gone, they only came three. Totally pissed me off...

Here are pictures from a year ago:

PS- The good news that I had wanted to share before, is that A&W are now parents!! They got the call that a bm wanted them to parent her baby boy (due next week), and they got the call Tuesday that he was born and could come see him!! They brought him home from the hospital today!! I'm so happy for them!!!


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