Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Day 354

December 20th, 2010

December 20th, 2011

Have you ever felt like there were signs leading you to where you're meant to be? I do... and it's often that something will come my way or happen and it'll strike me as something that was meant to happen all along. There are many things that I could reference, but I'll just give two for now. 

One: When my mom went to Ireland, she brought me back a Cross of St. Brigid to hang on my wall above my front door. It is supposed to be good luck or something like that. Anyway, there are two Catholic churches here in town (shocking right???) and I wasn't sure which was the right one for us. I went with St. Brigid and sure enough, today, a letter from our priest came, and the symbol of the church is the St. Brigid Cross. 

Two: Growing up, my mom would ALWAYS say the phrase, "All over hell and half of Georgia" when referring to having to make multiple stops, or drive a lot. I've grown up with the phrase and have said it for as long as I can remember. Even when we lived in NC, I would say it and Steve would laugh because he'd never heard it.

So today, I was telling him about my hellish travel day... driving to Wal-Mart took 40 minutes (it's seven miles away) and coming home took an hour!! As I was telling him about the commute, I said, "I was driving all over hell and half of Georgia..." and then I stopped because it hit me that I DO live in Georgia and I DID drive all over Georgia!!! It made me laugh and totally brought a smile to my face.  :-)

So... back to my day. Talk about frustrating!! The traffic here SUCKS. I'm never out during rush-hour so I had not had the privilege of being STUCK in traffic yet... but you'd think 1:00 would be a safe enough time to head out for grocery shopping. Apparently not. And coming home was even worse... and it was only 2:30...

I made this Mexican Pizza recipe tonight and it was so weird. I think I screwed it up... I think I was supposed to make individual pizzas and instead I made a giant stacked pizza.
Layers of beans, meat, cheese and salsa

As odd as it looks... it was DELICIOUS!!

Here are some pictures from today:
Gus loves the tree!

Gus with his notepad and pen... looking quite official

Eating cheese at Wal-Mart

Steve's traffic nightmare

Tomorrow is Wednesday and I have no plans. I kinda like having nothing planned and being able to just stay home and have fun with Gus. :-)

Oh!! I almost forgot! We sent Gus's birth mom her Christmas gift (it's a necklace) and she opened it and loved it. I can now share what we sent her:
The middle heart represents Gus and then we're one heart and she's one heart and it represents the adoption triad. I think it's beautiful... very simple, but yet very meaningful!! I had it made for her on Etsy... I so love Etsy!

See ya tomorrow!


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