Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 352

December 18th, 2010

December 18th, 2011

Today was a really good day. 
A new app I got for my phone... lets me take three pictures in one!

I was able to sleep in again (thank you again Steve) and then we finally got everything unpacked! It was an all-day project but worth the time. We did the bedroom and bathroom this morning while Gus was napping. He slept for FOUR hours!!

Once he got up, I headed up and did the linen closet, his bathroom and then I did the library.
Lots and lots of boxes of books to go on the shelves

The books stretched across the room

All done!

We watched some football (the Bengals won and we watched the Lions come back to win). I made meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and corn for dinner. It was the first time that Gus ate ALL of his dinner!! He was rewarded with a tiny bowl of ice cream. He was so pleased with himself!

After eating all of his dinner

Of course we had to clap for him!! YAY GUS!!

Ice Cream!!!

I'm super excited for tomorrow because my friend Michelle is coming to visit! She's one of my Alpha Gam sorority sisters, but we weren't in the sorority at the same time. She was my student teacher! My last semester at Lincoln, she student taught in my 5th grade classroom for the semester! She's been living here in Georgia for a while (started her teaching career here) and I'm so excited to live so close to her! She's pregnant and due soon... so I'm going to take some pictures of her tomorrow!! I can't wait!!
Us at Michelle's graduation party

Steve's dad and Sue Ann arrive on Friday and will be here through Monday and then my parents are coming next Tuesday! I told Steve, we have to get the house spic-n-span by Friday!! He's off Friday so he's assured me that it'll be GORGEOUS for our guests!

Sometime this week I am going to start wrapping gifts. I'm still waiting on a few to arrive, but they should be coming this week. I'm so excited for Christmas and so happy to be in this house!!! It's so beautiful!! 

See you tomorrow!!


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