Saturday, December 24, 2011

Day 358

December 24th, 2010
December 24th, 2011

We got up this morning and I made cinnamon rolls, then Gus and I played while we waited for Steve's dad and Sue Ann to come up from the basement. We had a nice morning!
After everyone had time to eat and relax for a bit, we hopped into the car and headed to Buckhead so that Steve could show his dad and Sue Ann where he works. We went inside and they got to take a tour... it was decorated so nicely for Christmas!

Gus at Steve's desk

Gus and Steve :-)

A LEGO White House! So cool!

Gus on the way back to the car

Getting help from Grandpa

Pulling Grandma to the car

We got to see where Sue Ann used to work and live and it was nice to see the areas that she frequented! Then we headed to The Varsity (I kept calling it The Victory) for some lunch. It's an Atlanta place...
Gus ate almost an entire hot dog!!

My two chili dogs and onion rings (sooooo good)

After lunch, we headed back here and Steve put Gus down for a nap while his dad took a nap and he watched the Bengals in the basement. Sue Ann and I headed out to do some shopping. 
This tree was GORGEOUS! Covered in red bows and bulbs... absolutely beautiful!

We ended up going to Home Goods and they bought us a HUGE clock for over the fireplace. It's absolutely perfect and looks like it was meant to go in that spot. Then we drove to Target and they got us some new dishes! I think the set that we have (was Steve's with Voldemort), we'll keep and set aside for Gus to have in his first house. It's a nice set... and full of everything that you'd need... but I wanted something that's OURS together. I like the new stuff so much more!

When I got home, I watched the game with Steve in the basement while Gus finished his three hour nap. The Bengals won (they played the Cardinals) and Steve was on the edge of his seat while he watched!

We had some time to just hang out here at the house before we headed to dinner at Bonefish Grill. We had reservations and got right in! It's a good thing we called ahead... there were a LOT of people out for dinner tonight! 

Trying to get a picture...

Gus and Grandma

After dinner, we took a drive through the neighborhood to show Steve's dad and Sue Ann the lights. It was so pretty!! 

Then we came back and Gus opened his special Christmas Eve present of Christmas pjs!

After opening them, he tried to rewrap them :-)

We watched some tv and Gus danced and played and then it was tubby time for Gus!

Dancing Boy!

The new clock and our tree...

Steve's dad and Sue Ann headed to the 9:00 pm mass... and we stayed home. I made our ham and cheese hashbrown casserole for tomorrow, and Steve put together the BIG gift from Santa. It's now in the basement and after all the other gifts are opened tomorrow... we'll head downstairs for Gus to see his last gift! I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Gus is going to FLIP out when he sees this!!!

I talked to Scott (my twin brother) tonight. He and I played phone-tag all day. I always miss him and my dad on Christmas Eve. Ever since I was a kid, we'd go shopping together on Christmas Eve. When we lived in MI, Steve and my mom would go have lunch and do their own thing together while I went shopping with my dad and Scott. I missed them SO MUCH today and thought about them all day long.

I love the holidays, but hate being away from family. I hope to (one day) go back to MI for a Christmas at my parents' house. :-)

It's so special to have Steve's dad and Sue Ann here with us this year... our first Christmas in Georgia, in our new house, and we get to spend it with them. I'm overjoyed!

It was a WONDERFUL day and I'm so excited for tomorrow!!! I'm actually going to attempt to go to bed now, so I'll be rested for my FULL day of cooking tomorrow!!!

Merry Christmas Eve!!!


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The kiddos here opened their holiday pjs tonight too. Have a wonderful Christmas, Cath! We miss you guys.

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