Sunday, December 25, 2011

Day 359

 December 25th, 2010
December 25th, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!
Before I go any further with this posting, I want to say that Blogger is acting REALLY weird. I am not going to be posting the GIANT amount of pictures with my posts after 2012. When I upload the pictures, they used to stay in the upload section. Then I could just select the ones that I wanted to use throughout the post. Now, I upload, and if I don't add them all immediately, they are removed and I have to start from scratch. It's quite frustrating.

Last night was a ROUGH night for me. I woke up around 1:30 and threw up... it was from the chili at The Varsity, since that's all I could taste. It was more like severe heart-burn than vomiting, but it had me up for a little more than an hour and a half. Add that to my Christmas Eve jitters of excitement, and I didn't get much rest.

I am now exhausted. 

We got up and had just enough time to get breakfast in the oven, get the gifts under the tree, unbox and put together the chair from Gus's God Mother Jessica, and then go get Gus from his room. Steve's dad and Sue Ann were super excited to be here to see Gus open his gifts.

Here's the scene before Gus attacked:
Isn't it beautiful? 
 Gus was super excited to see the presents under the tree but wasn't sure what to do with them once he was down the stairs!
Grandpa Walker made Gus a rocking horse!! He was amazed by it!
Santa brought Gus some musical insturments
Daddy helped Gus open a lot of gifts while I took pictures!

Time for Breakfast (this is out of order-- SORRY)

Gus helping Steve put together his Cozy Coupe

On the rocking horse!

He really loves it!!!

Sitting in his chair and checking out his train table stuff (trains, tracks, and other stuff)

"Thank you for putting all my toys together Daddy!!"

A shirt that I had made for Gus... it's so cute!

Kicking his soccer ball into the goal!


Reading books that his Great Grandma Marge sent him!

On his motorcycle/tricycle (he's too little to ride it)

Grandma and Grandpa opening their gift from Gus (They didn't know it was his footprint)

Grandpa was tickled at the picture

Then I told them that it was Gus's foot and they were even more surprised!!
(I took a picture of it and can't find it...)

Steve and his red stapler...  :-)

Happy Birthday Jesus!!

We headed downstairs for Gus's BIG gift... his up and down roller coaster... he LOVED it!!!!
Not sure what's going on...


He's so smart... totally figured out how to take it back up the track and get on it by himself!

 For Christmas, I got a beautiful bracelet with a heart on it that can be engraved. I'll need to think about what to have engraved on it... and then I also got the complete Harry Potter DVD collection (all the movies). My last gift was the watch that I asked for last year and for my birthday... and I finally got it! I absolutely love it!!

I've got more pictures from dinner and all the things I made today (I spent the entire day cooking), but I'm tired and I need to go to bed. I'll post recipes tomorrow with pictures.

I am going to get my nails done tomorrow... one of my nails came off this afternoon while I was cooking and my finger hurts so much now!!! :-(

Merry Christmas!


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