Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day 361

December 27th, 2010
December 27th, 2011

Well, today was another long day... but the GREAT news is that my parents are here!!! I've missed them so much and it's WONDERFUL to have them here!! It's been five months since I last saw them... this is the longest stretch since we moved from MI. It's been difficult, but with the move, there was no other option.

Anyway, this morning, Gus got up at 5:00 and we changed him and put him back down and he slept until about 8am.  He played with his car and the gas pump... too cute:

After playing for the morning, he went down for his morning nap... and when he woke up (an hour later) he had removed his pants and diaper, and was covered in poop! I put him in the tub while Steve took care of the bedding.

We came down and had lunch and then not too long after being down here, he needed another nap (his was interruped by the poop)... so Steve took him back up. My mom called and said they were slightly lost (got off before they should have and were heading south towards Atlanta, instead of north towards Johns Creek). Between me and Steve, we were able to get them here safely around 3:15.

Just as they arrived, Gus got up and was super excited to see his Gram and Pap. We showed them the house and then my dad took a nap while we watched tv and talked. After a two hour (or so) nap, we headed to Kozmo for their Comfort Tuesday special (fried chicken). It was sooooooo good!

Gus and Max

Gus with Gram and Pap heading into Kozmo

My fried chicken and mashed potatoes... soooooooo good!

After dinner, we stopped at Kroger for a few things and then headed to see the lights in our neighborhood. My mom and dad seemed to enjoy it. Then we came home, opened some Christmas presents and then watched tv.

We got a membership to the Georgia Aquarium!! I am so excited to have a membership to the zoo and the aquarium! :-)

I got a new app (thanks Adri)!! Here's a picture that I took of Steve... pretty cool right?

Tomorrow, we're going to the DMV to get our Georgia licences and my mom and dad are going to watch Gus while we're gone. We have to leave here by 8:30am. Tomorrow afternoon, Steve's going to get the inspections done on the cars and then Thursday, we have to go and get license plates for the cars. Then we'll be officially official Georgia residents!

We're going to go to Target tomorrow for our day after the day after Christmas shopping. We're going to get more dishes (Steve's dad and Sue Ann got us the start to the set, and we're going to finish it tomorrow). Then we're going to Home Depot to get the needed items for my dad and Steve to build the safety tot tower for Gus! I can't wait to have it... we are in DESPERATE need to have something for Gus to be in while I'm cooking. I'm eager to have him in there with me and the safety tower will let him be close and SAFE!!

See you tomorrow!!!


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Glad you got the ap! It's super fun - just like mustache me! Thanks to you for that one!

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