Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thursday's Top Ten: Ten Goals for 2012

Top 10 Goals for 2012

Since we're two days away from 2012, I thought I'd make this last Thursday in 2011 my countdown for what I hope to accomplish in 2012. 

  1. Exercise More- I'm not going to put specifics on this goal, I just want to move more. I figure taking Gus to the neighborhood playground and going on walks will help. Steve and I have talked about going for a walk after work as well. We'll see. Anything is better than not moving at all.
  2. Make new friends in Georgia and get more active in Atlanta Mommies- I hope to make friends soon. It's been nice with the holidays and being surrounded by family, but once everyone is gone, it'll just be me and Gus and I'll go CRAZY if I don't have people to see and places to go!
  3. Take advantage of our Zoo Atlanta and Georgia Aquarium memberships- I hope to use these memberships as often as possible. That means visiting each at least once or twice a month. When it's a little warmer (60-70 degrees) I hope to go to the Zoo often. I think Gus will really enjoy it! I'm eager to see the aquarium, and we can go when it's cooler or rainy.
  4. Take more pictures with my good camera- I take a lot, but I want to keep working on my photography and try new poses and angles for my pictures. You can't get better if you don't practice!
  5. Start the adoption process again for baby #2- Sometime in 2012 I hope we can start the process. Not sure if there'd be another baby in 2012, but I'd love to have another baby in our home before Gus is three (May of 2013).
  6. Focus on saving more money at the grocery store- I need to really focus on what I'm spending and only buy things if it's a good deal. I think that means more trips to Wal-Mart and letting go of Kroger and Publix unless it's something we desperately need and have to run out to get it.
  7. Start looking through my e-Mealz recipes and try new things- I love e-Mealz and use the recipes from there a lot, but lately I've been making the same stuff. I'm going to try and make new dishes and see if there are new family favorites to be discovered!
  8. Wear my hair down more often and not cut my hair- I go through phases with my hair and I let it grow and then I want to cut it and so I do... only to turn around and be pissed that I cut it. However, when it's long, all I do is wear it pulled back. I hope to keep letting it grow, but to also let it down every now and then.
  9. Start the chore chart with Gus and focus on my "play at home" skills with him. He and I play daily, but I hope to use the basement for more playtime... and now that we've got the easel, we'll be painting more too!!
  10. Get to Michigan at least twice in 2012 and one of those trips should be to go camping with my entire family. Dave and Heather were going to try to head to the mitten for a trip and hopefully we coordinate and all go to the UP for a week of camping, laughing, bonding, and fun. I would LOVE for Gus to play with all of his cousins and to have a great time in the great outdoors!!!
I'm excited for 2012 and hope that I can accomplish all ten of these goals!!! 


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Let's figure out the dates for camping soon

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