Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 363

December 29th, 2010
December 29th, 2011

Today was a great day! We got up and had breakfast and then Steve headed to the place to get our license plates while I stayed home with Gus and my parents. We now have our plates and we're set! Getting our licenses and plates in Georgia was the easiest so far!

Here are some pictures from today:
Gus on his coaster

My son absolutely adores his Pap. It's so funny to see my dad being a mush-ball with my child. He was never the mush-ball with me as a child, so to see him be that fun Grandpa... not only is it wonderful, but it's bizarre at the same time. My dad openly admitted that having grandchildren is better than having kids. I said, "Shouldn't you say that grandkids are the reward for raising children?" My mom said that's what she'd say... but no... my dad said that he enjoys his grandchildren more than his children.

Nice.  ;-)

We had lunch at home and Gus enjoyed having his Gram and Pap next to him while he ate his lunch.

My dad and Steve started the tot tower, and my mom and I stayed inside with Gus.
Gram sharing her cocoa with Gus

The tot tower being made...

One side...

They worked until about 6:00 tonight!

Almost done with phase one

Very cute!

We decided to head to El Porton for dinner tonight. It's Thursday and they have a Taco Thursday special... the place was PACKED!! Dinner was delicious and then we headed out for some ice cream.
Gus decided to try the lemon from Pap's water...

Tomorrow we're supposed to go to the Georgia Aquarium! I'm going to call first to see how busy it is, but hopefully we'll get to go. I'm excited to see it! We'll be getting our aquarium membership tomorrow too!

On Saturday, we're going to drive into Buckhead to show my mom and dad where Steve works. We'll also head to Tin Lizzy's for lunch. I'm excited for that!!!

See you tomorrow!!!


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