Saturday, December 31, 2011

Day 365!!!!

December 31st, 2010
December 31st, 2011

Well... I made it to my 365th post! I've actually posted more than that this year... but there have been 365 posts related to sharing the pictures and events from each day this year. It started off as a bigger challenge for me, and then once I found the time and just made it part of my routine, it was easy. I actually have grown so used to posting daily that I plan to keep it up. However, I am excited to not "have" to post or feel pressure to post... it'll be nice to be able to actually give each post a title and not just an update on the postings (Day #).

I hope my readers have enjoyed reading the posts each day. I know that Steve and my parents enjoy the posts because it's an easy way for them to keep up with what I'm doing. Steve says if I didn't post, he wouldn't know what I've got going on. :-)

This morning Steve was still feeling sick, so I got up with Gus and he watched tv while I cleaned the kitchen. I ran the dishwasher and washed the remaining dishes in the sink. Just as I was finishing, he was done with Mickey.

Gus headed downstairs to wake Gram and Pap and I headed down to join him. He was playing on his coaster and then he and Pap played trains. I mentioned wanting to move the couch under the window so that I could sit comfortably while Gus played, and my dad said he'd help me move the couch from by the guest room. :-)

We headed up and watched television for a bit and then when Gus went down for his nap, my mom and dad and I went to Wal-Mart. I did our grocery shopping and then we stopped at Wendy's for lunch and came home.

My dad finished the Safety Tot Tower and it's INCREDIBLE!!! We just have to varnish it and it'll be totally done-- but I was able to use it with Gus tonight while I made meatloaf, mashed potatoes and corn for dinner. It was perfect! He was in the tower, could see what I was doing, and HE WAS SAFE!!!

Here are some pictures from today:

Playing with his fruit

Snack with Pap

The finished Safety Tower

Gus was so happy to be near me while I cooked!!

We're going to stain it to match the cupboards

Gus as a sketch

Steve is in bed, but wants me to wake him up at 11:50 so he can ring in 2012 with us. We started watching a show about life after humans (gloom and doom) and I decided to come and do my last blog for 2011.

I have to say, 2011 has been one of the greatest years so far. Here are a few things that happened this year that I feel were wonderful:
  1. We headed to MI in February- I was homesick and we got to see all of Gus's birth family for the first time since his adoption. It was a WONDERFUL experience and we felt so thankful to have such an open relationship with them!!
  2. In March (Gus was nine months), Gus took his first steps and started walking just before turning 10 months!!
  3. April 15th, 2011- we celebrated Gus's adoption being finalized!!! We headed to MI for a quick weekend trip and celebrated with family. Gus's birth mom and Grammy came to the court to be there with us and my parents, and then after court, we headed to lunch together and got to meet Gus's Great-Grandma Marge!! It was an incredible day and we shared dinner with my family... it was a really really great day!
  4. May 11th, 2011- Gus turned one!!!
  5. May 13th, 2011- My niece Charlotte was born!!! I became an aunt again!!
  6. Weekend of May 14th, Steve's dad and Sue Ann came down to surprise Steve for Gus's first birthday party and my parents came down too! We were surrounded by friends and family as we celebrated Gus's first birthday! The next day we headed to the beach and had a great time as a family!
  7. In August, I started taking classes for Medical Transcription and Editing. The program would have me finished with the whole thing by April 2012.
  8. In August, we headed back to Michigan and Indiana for vacation. We were able to be there to celebrate my niece Lily's 2nd birthday! It was the first birthday party for any of my nieces or nephews that I've ever been able to attend and it was WONDERFUL!!!
  9. While in MI, we spent the day with Gus's side of our family and they had a birthday celebration for him! It was so special to see him sitting on his birth mom's lap and blowing out candles for his 1st birthday. :-)
  10. In September, we joined The Little Gym and Gus LOVED it!!!
  11. In September, Steve interviewed with World 50... and got the job!!!
  12. October 2nd- Scott and I turned 35!! YIKES!!!
  13. October 14th was Steve's last day working for Burt's Bees... October 17th was his first day working for World 50. The stress of moving began!!
  14. I dropped out of my Medical Transcription program and couldn't have been happier!!!
  15. Went to the NC State Fair with Kristen and Grace in October!
  16. Was asked to do my first family photo shoot... it was GREAT and the pictures were so AWESOME! I was nervous but it went so well!
  17. In November we found our house and made an offer on it... it was accepted and we closed on December 8th!
  18. We said goodbye to NC and hello to Georgia on December 10th!
  19. We celebrated Christmas with Steve's dad and Sue Ann here with us and then rang in 2012 with my parents here with us!!
  20. December 31st, 2011-- Gus was able to jump on his own for real!!! He's a jumping bean and will be jumping into 2012!!
I hope 2012 is as GREAT as 2011 has been for us!!!
See you next year!!!


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