Monday, January 02, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

This is my first post of 2012!! I meant to get on last night and post, but I didn't have a chance. 

My mom and dad left this morning to head back to Michigan. It was SO GREAT to have them here for almost a week. I think this was the best visit ever... not only was it awesome to ring in the new year with them, but Gus was so affectionate and interested in being around them. There was no shyness or hesitation when it came to snuggling with his Gram and Pap. I think they enjoyed their visit with him so much and REALLY had fun with him.  :-)

I didn't get to really share what I got for Christmas, so I will share right now! I got a beautiful bracelet with a heart on it from Steve and Gus. I can get the heart engraved, but I'm not quite sure what I'll put on it. Steve got me the watch that I've wanted for the last two years. It's perfect and fits my wrist perfectly! I wanted a new watch because the other one that I have is too tight, and I removed the pins a while ago because it was too loose, but it's a weird combo of too loose without it and too tight with it. My new watch is just what I wanted and fits exactly as I like.

I also got the complete Harry Potter DVD collection. It's all eight movies... I'm excited to have it! I own the others as individual movies with director commentary and all the extras, but this set is just the movies and nothing more. It's awesome.

My mom and dad got us a family membership to the Georgia Aquarium. I have an annual pass for me and then a guest pass that I can use for Steve or someone else if they want to go with us. Gus is free until he's three. They also got us 1/2 of our new dishes that we wanted.

My FIL and MIL got us a year membership to the Atlanta Zoo and I'm super excited! Gus and I will use it a lot!! They also got us the clock for over the fireplace, 1/2 of a set of new dishes that I wanted from Target. We're going to save the old set and give it to Gus when he's older and has a house of his own. :-) My MIL gave me an amazing cookbook that she got from the Atlanta Junior League (something like that). She used to live in Atlanta and was given the cookbook as a going away gift when she moved. She passed it on to me and I'm so excited to make some of the recipes!!

I made a new family website for sharing pictures and updates. I'm discontinuing Gus's blog for now, and using the Walker Family Prattle as our site for updates and pictures. Be sure to go and join!!!

Tomorrow starts our first "real" week... no family in town, no house to unpack... just a new routine to create. I'm feeling a bit stir-crazy and wish I could do some playdates... but it's just not in the cards yet. I'm trying to find some friends on Atlanta Area Mommies for us... we'll see. We are going to the movies next Friday with AAM. It'll be the first movie that Gus will go to and I'm hoping it's a success. It's called a "Binky Movie" because it's a select time for moms and babies and toddlers. Should be an experience for sure.

For dinner I made chicken coated with this new stuff called Fresh Take... it was Cheddar Jack and Bacon and it was DELICIOUS!!! If you haven't tried these yet, definitely give it a try! I'm getting more when I got to Wal-Mart this week!!

I'm off to play with the new site... be sure to check it out!!


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