Thursday, January 05, 2012

A Year of Gratitude #5

A Year of Gratitude #5: My Sisters in Law

I have two brothers and each has found the one to capture his heart. Dave married Heather in May of 2000 and Scott and Christie met in 2007.

My brothers mean the world to me, and I always wanted them to find someone to bring out the best in them. I wanted them to find happiness, love, and romance. I wanted them to be with someone that appreciated them for the great men that they are, and my prayers were answered with Heather and Christie.

As you'd imagine, they're both different from each other, but strangely, they're very similar in so many ways. I guess it's not too surprising, since Scott and Dave are similar and yet different. I'm just glad that I like them both and they like me. I'd hate to not get along with them-- that'd be about the most horrible thing that could happen to a family.

Heather and "the sweater"

Heather is so funny. She has a sense of humor that is awesome, she laughs at my jokes (always important), and she's goofy. I remember meeting her for the first time and being so nervous. I liked her immediately and she was warm, down-to-earth, and made Dave happy. I was sold.

I guess there are two lives that most people live. The person they are before they become parents, and the person they become after. The Heather before kids was funny, silly, and fun to be around, and the Heather as a mom is the same way, only better. She really is an outstanding mother and is my go-to person when I am needing help with parenting stuff.

She sews and creates the most amazing things, she teaches her children to be honest, compassionate, upstanding people, and she values each of them for the individuals that they are becoming. I call her "super mom" because she does it all and still manages to stay sane. :-)

Scott's partner in crime is Christie. She is amazing. I can't say enough positive things about her. I adore her, love her, respect her, and think she's incredible.

Maybe it's because I have a special bond with Scott that I don't have with anyone else, but I feel a special connection with Christie. She single-handedly changed my brother's life. She's as quirky and weird as he is, and as funny and witty as he is too. She's basically him in the female form. LOL

Scott grew up always saying that he'd never meet anyone, never settle down, and would NEVER have kids. She changed all that for him. After searching for the right one, he just about gave up looking for love. All I wanted was for him to find someone that would find him as amazing as I did, and would see the Scott that I see when I look at him. I wanted him to find someone that thought he was exceptional and special, and would feel honored to know him.

When I met her for the first time, we were in Washington DC. We drove up from NC and they drove down from MI and we met up for the weekend. I was SO NERVOUS to meet her. I loved her the minute I met her. She was just so sweet and kind. Above all, she looked at my brother the way I had always prayed he'd find someone to look at him. She adored him and saw the Scott that I saw... it was magic.

Christie is so giving to everyone. She and Scott are very alike in this matter. She puts her kids first, and she is the world's greatest mom. My nieces and nephew are SO LUCKY to have her as their mom. 

Heather and Christie are both the kind of people that I'd be friends with if they weren't with my brothers. They both welcomed me (and Steve) into their lives and have become important parts of my family. They both mean the world to me, and I am grateful that they are both in my life, and love my brothers as I hoped they'd be loved.


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Ah shucks :) (the funny part is that I get your blog in my reader. This one came before your post about your brothers. I was about to call Dave and tell him I rocked more than he did. Not sure he would have found it as funny). Love you!

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