Saturday, January 07, 2012

Saturday Recap

We tried to put Gus to bed last night without a sippy. He ALWAYS has a sippy for bed... usually it's just enough to get him to sleep, but I decided that he is big enough to not need it. As expected, he cried for about ten minutes and then fell asleep.

All was right with the world and I felt like I had won that battle. 

Until 12:30am. He woke up screaming. We waited to see if he'd stop and just fall back asleep (sometimes he does), but not last night. I decided that he probably needed the sippy, so I went about dealing with that while Steve changed him. When I walked into the room with the cup, he was beyond excited and eagerly got back into bed to get his cup.

He was asleep before we left the room.

We came back down and got back into bed and then I woke up and it was 8:15. I felt refreshed, but a bit confused. I didn't hear Gus at all... surely he was with Steve and woke at his usual 6:45 -7:00 right? 

I decided to get in the shower while I had the chance, and when I got out, Steve came in and I asked him where Gus was. He said he was still in bed.

Let me repeat that...

Steve got in the shower... and it wasn't until 9am that Gus decided to wake up. I could not believe how late he slept!!! We were both able to sleep in on a Saturday... something that hasn't happened since May 8th, 2010!!!

Steve went and got Gus and then we had a quick breakfast and headed to the credit union to finish opening our account. Gus was the star of the show... everyone kept talking about how cute he was, and of course, he was hamming it up by chatting to everyone!
Our account manager Christina loved Gus!

She let him sit at her desk and he was SO HAPPY to play with her mouse and keyboard!

Gus and Christina

Of course, as she was getting things ready for us, she was going in and out of her office and telling everyone how sweet Gus was. When we left, everyone wanted to talk to him and he was oh so happy to oblige! We opened a savings account for him and he was given a piggy bank that he was delighted to receive! 

We hope that friends and family will make deposits instead of gifts when it's time for his birthday or other holidays. :-)

We headed back home because I had a nail appointment at 11:00 and it was already 10:30. I was able to get to my nail place in time, and it was exactly an hour from the time I walked in the door, to the time that I walked out to my car. My nails look fabulous and I am so happy that I found Spa Nails!!

I came home and had lunch and then Gus was still napping, so I took a nap too. I don't know how long I was asleep, but Steve woke me and we headed to Home Depot and Target.
Gus at Home Depot
We got all that we needed at Home Depot and then I ran into Target to get the Motts for Tots Fruit Snacks that Gus likes so much. Steve stayed in the car with Gus. We got home just in time for the Bengals game... they lost.

We had a handy-man come by to look at the gutters (they're full and need to be cleaned out) and then I made dinner (ham and cheese hashbrown casserole). We watched the Bengals lose and Steve developed a bad mood.

That was our Saturday. We had some CRAZY storms rip through the area... the first since we've been here and with the high ceilings and skylight in the kitchen, it sounded like we were outside. It was loud!! The whole house shook when lightning would strike outside... it was a bit freaky!!

See you tomorrow!


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