Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Is it Monday???

I have been off all day as far as what day it is. It's felt like a Monday all day and then tonight I thought it was Wednesday. WEIRD.

I got a message on AAM from a mom that's new to the area... she has no family here and knows no one. She also has a daughter that's 19 months! I wrote her back and told her I'd love to get together for a playdate! I'm hopeful that I will make friends here... it's so hard to not have anyone here to do things with.

Today was a pretty good day- Gus decided to take his diaper off TWICE today. First was when I got him this morning, and thankfully his diaper was just a wet one and he had not peed anywhere (it's the small things in life). The second time I wasn't so lucky. He took his diaper off and he had pooped, but thankfully it was just a solid one (lately they've been DISGUSTING--- the poop when he's teething is totally different from any other poop). Anyway, he had removed the diaper, but thankfully had not played with the poop or touched it... it was just laying there waiting for me to come and discover it.

It's so weird how things change when you're a parent. Here I am talking about poop like it's nothing big. Two years ago I would have been flipping out about it, and now I don't care. I will say that he had a poopy diaper that smelled like a cross between perm solution and poop mixed with poop and it was FOUL. I'm just glad that he didn't take THAT diaper off. That would not have been pretty.

Anyway, we spent a portion of our day downstairs playing. Steve made a comment yesterday about being glad to go back to work because he's felt like he's stuck in the movie Groundhog's Day with Gus. It is a bit of the same thing each day and I guess I'm just used to it, and he was definitely ready to get back to work and shake it up a bit. I think once we have friends to play with it will be better. I miss not being able to just call Wendy or Kristen and get together with them.  :-(

I can't think too much about what I miss or I'll get depressed and there's no use. Nothing's changing, so I need to just focus on the here and now. Here's something that I was happy with today... I was able to wear a pair of pants that I haven't put on since I taught (which was almost 20 months ago). Not a huge deal, but at least they still fit! It's hard to wear yoga pants, sweat pants, and lounge pants all the time and then have to put jeans or khakis on to go out in public. I usually go for jeans, but today I decided to go for the old cords that I love so much and I said a prayer that they'd still fit... and they did! :-)

The Walker Family Prattle is up and running and I'm getting the hang of it. I hope more family will sign up for it... so far there are only eight people that are members. I sent invites last night and then found out this afternoon that none of them were sent. So I sent again and then found out that the link wasn't working. Not sure what the deal is...

Here are a few pics from today:
Gus enjoying his breakfast while sitting on his chair

It's the perfect size for him!

I mustache you a question...

A year ago he could hardly sit up long enough to play with this toy!

Brushing his teeth before bed

See you tomorrow!!


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