Monday, January 02, 2012

A Year of Gratitude: Day 1 and 2

I decided to start a "gratitude journal" of sorts by writing about one thing that I'm grateful for each day. Since I didn't start yesterday, I'll do two things today. I hope to write about something each day and not repeat anything.

#1- I am grateful for my husband Steve.
My husband is my best-friend and the one person that always has my back. He knows me inside out and yet, still discovers and learns something new about me all the time. Steve makes me laugh unlike any person that I've ever met... and that's saying a lot considering the humor of my brothers.

I've never met someone more dedicated, driven, motivated, loyal, honest, passionate, and loving as my husband. He really loves me for who I am on the inside and puts up with my BS. I think we compliment each other well... and while he gets on my nerves occasionally and does things that tick me off, he's still the best.

I'm thankful for all that he does so that I can stay home with Gus. He works hard, goes above and beyond with his work, and really manages everything in our home in order for me to not have to work. On top of all that, he forgives me when I spend too much or buy unnecessary things. He compliments me when I save and don't spend, and he's a great role model for Gus (and me) when it comes to budgeting and sticking to a plan. I strive to be more like him.

#2- I am grateful for Gus
He is the reason I am here on this earth. I really believe I was meant to be his mom and the Universe aligned so that things could work as they were meant to work. I'm grateful for C and H, but I'll post about them down the road.

For now, I'll stick to Gus and that I'm so happy to know him. He's such a neat little guy and it's been my absolute pleasure watching him learn and grow. He does new things daily and I'm continually amazed by all that he's doing. Time is going way too fast with him and I don't know where my sweet little tiny baby went... he's now a big boy!

I'm thankful that I get to stay home with Gus and do playdates, have fun with him, and not have anything to stress about in my life. I am very blessed.


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