Friday, January 06, 2012

New Friends!

We had our first in-home playdate today!! I met Dina on AAM and her daughter Becca is only three days younger than Gus! Dina just moved here from Miami in October/November, and before that, she lived in Gilbert, AZ. Funny right? (My older brother lived in Gilbert for a few years.)
Gus singing this morning

Playing with his Baby Elmo

Anyway, Steve and I were able to sleep in a little this morning, and Steve went into work a little later than usual (he came home late tonight). I'm glad he woke me when he got in the shower... I was able to get up to Gus BEFORE he took off his pants or diaper! It was a pleasant surprise to open the door and not see him standing in his own waste.

I changed him and got him dressed and then he and I headed down for breakfast with Steve. We all enjoyed cereal at the table. :-) Steve headed to work and Gus and I watched some Mickey until Dina and Becca arrived.

Becca was shy and had been crying before she got to our door, and then Gus was up in her grill and she cried some more. She didn't seem to really get comfortable until we were downstairs playing, and even then she was still on the shy and reserved side.

Gus showing Becca how to ride the coaster
Playing... Gus got in her grill

Trying to carry his table

Riding on his horse

Gus had a great time with her though and was excited to have a new friend over. I found it so easy to talk to Dina and found that she and I have a lot in common... mainly our addiction to reality television. :-)

The kids played and we talked and it was a great morning. They headed home at noon and then Gus and I had quesadillas for lunch. He went down for his nap at 12:30 and was out until 3:00.

It made for a long afternoon because Steve didn't get home until late (6:15). We had dinner and then watched Grey's Anatomy from last night. I'm still not fully recovered from the events... I was sobbing uncontrollably. I hate episodes like that... and then the very end was so good... had me crying even harder.
Raging against the Tot Tower

Happy again

After we put Gus to bed (without a sippy... first time EVER-- wish us luck in breaking this habit) I came online to check my email to see if I was picked for Yelp Elite '12 status. I was not. I am terribly disappointed. Maybe it's more competitive here in the Atlanta area. It just sucks that I earned it in 2010 and again in 2011... I review and check into places and do what I can... but I guess it wasn't enough to get picked for 2012.  :-(

I have a nail appointment tomorrow at 11:00. Steve has a ten-item "honey do" list that I made for him. He should be quite busy (and productive) this weekend. The Bengals are on tomorrow (YAY) {note my sarcasm} and he wants to be home to watch them play. 

If you want to see more pictures from today... check the Walker Family Prattle. I'm uploading daily and that's where they are!

See you later.


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