Saturday, January 07, 2012

A Year of Gratitude #7

A Year of Gratitude #7: My House

Our House

I have a lot to be thankful for in my life. I've mentioned people, and I do have more people to list (I have 358 more days left... I'm sure I'll be mentioning a lot more people), but I wanted to express my gratitude for some other things in my life that are THINGS and not people.

When we came to GA in November for house hunting, I had two houses that I LOVED on paper. In fact, I was certain that it'd be so difficult to decide which of the two we'd make an offer on. Little did I know that the two that I loved so much, would be so disappointing to see in person. 

We spent the entire first day getting in and out of the car (with Gus) only to be disappointed. It wasn't until the last two houses of the day, that we felt like we finally had something to work with. One was way out of the way for Steve (45 minute drive to work on a good day) but had an amazing lot (it was on three acres and had a creek running through the back and was surrounded by woods). We rated it a 10/10 and then came to this house. We had just visited a 10 home, and then came here and we were blown away by the interior of this one. 

I think I just had a feeling about this one... I "knew" it would be our house (if everything worked out). I loved it and instantly could see us living here and raising Gus and future children in this home. I loved the colors on the walls, loved the high ceilings, loved the basement, loved all the storage space, the backyard, but I LOVED the master closet most of all.
Not only am I thankful that I live in this gorgeous home, but I'm thankful that we're able to afford it. I'm thankful that I have nice things to put in this home, that I'm able to have family visit and they have a comfortable place to stay, and that I can have people over for playdates and entertaining, and I'm proud to have them here.

I am very blessed and fortunate and I know that there are so many people losing their homes, not able to buy a home and are "stuck" living in a home that they don't love, and there are people that can't afford a new home. I am thankful for what I have and for my living situation, and so thankful to love my home as much as I do.

I am very blessed.


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