Sunday, January 08, 2012

Productive Sunday

Gus while shopping at Wal-Mart this morning

Today was pretty productive for us. We woke up and headed to Wal-Mart to get our grocery shopping done and we were home by 10:15. Gus got up at 6:30 this morning (I was still asleep) and by 10:30 he was exhausted and more than ready for his nap.

Steve put Gus down for his nap and then he fixed the toilet, got the dryer fixed, took out the trash, and did a bunch of other stuff while Gus slept for three and a half hours. :-)

While Steve worked on that stuff, I created a blog specifically for adoption. We're starting to think about adopting again and I wanted to get our website updated, but it's going to take a REALLY long time... and honestly, no one looks at our website. If they want to see pictures, they either read my blog or the family share or Facebook. I'm almost thinking of not updating the website at all anymore (it's a lot of work).

Here's a link to our new adoption blog: Here We Go Again.... Please look at it and offer suggestions... I want it to be just for adoption and nothing else. As we embark on the process again, I hope to share our journey on that blog. My goal is to have the last post on that blog be a picture of us holding our baby and completing our family.

Anyway, any feedback on it would be great!!

We're not 100% ready to adopt again though. We need to sell the house in NC and then pay off some loans and then save some and then we can start thinking about it. I have been gathering information for us and the one agency that I liked, I don't think I like as much anymore. They ONLY do adoptions in FL, LA, and MS. We'd have to travel to one of those three states to adopt and while we're close being here in GA, it's still the hassle of adopting out of state. At least with adopting in MI we have family and friends. That wouldn't be the case in FL, LA, or MS.

We'll see. We have plenty of time to figure it all out.

After Gus got up from his nap, we had lunch. Steve made us cheddar broccoli soup for lunch that was out of this world delicious! Then he hung up shelves and pictures for me. :-) He got a large chunk accomplished from his "Honey Do List" that I made for him.

We finished our night by watching the Broncos/Steelers game. I loathe the Steelers... always have. I was hoping that the Broncos would win, but even if they didn't, I was eager to see that either the Steelers or the Patriots would lose next week (the winner from tonight plays the Patriots) and since they're the two teams that I loathe the most... at least one of them would be knocked out. Thankfully, the Broncos won during overtime... and it was the first play in overtime and the guy ran the ball all the way for a touchdown and ended the game just like that. I LOVED it!!! :-)  Now all we need is for the Broncos to beat the Patriots next week and I'll seriously be excited!!

This week we have our cleaning lady coming to clean on Tuesday (I'm eager to see how clean it gets with her four-person crew) and then we have a playdate here on Thursday with one of my Alpha Gam sisters that lives here (I've never met her... we met on Facebook)! I'm excited to meet her!!

See you later!!!


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