Sunday, January 08, 2012

A Year of Gratitude #8

A Year of Gratitude #8: My Car

Chuck Dio

I absolutely LOVE my car. I wanted the Ford Edge the minute I saw it advertised in Car & Driver in 2006. It was coming to the North American Auto Show in Detroit and I thought it was fabulous the minute I saw it. At the time, I was driving Cleveland (my Ford Escape) and there wasn't any hope of a new car.

Then we moved to North Carolina and the auto industry tanked and Ford was the only one not to go bankrupt. They had INCREDIBLE deals on financing... $0 down and 0% for certain models. The time was right and Steve and I took a drive to Wake Forest, NC to visit Crossroads Ford of Wake Forest.

Steve had a handy-dandy program in his computer that he used to finagle the most amazing price... and then he locked in a deal for them to take Cleveland off my hands. It was really remarkable to watch Steve work his magic. 

I can remember asking him as we drove the hour there, "Do you think we'll come home with a new car?" He was most certain that we would not be driving home in anything other than Cleveland. Boy was he wrong! 

I stood in the parking lot shoving things from Cleveland into a garbage bag while Steve signed papers on Chuck Dio. Next thing I knew, I was driving my new car home. It was amazing.

There are many things that I love about Chuck Dio. One is the vista roof... it's awesome to have it open all the way and have so much sunlight come into the car. Gus likes it too.

I also like Sync... it's fun to talk to my car and tell it what to do and have her do it. It's not so fun when she messes up, or when she chimes in (out of nowhere) and tries to run a vehicle report.

I'm thankful that I get to drive my dream car. I'm thankful that I have a car. I know there are people out there who would love to just have A car... ANY car, and here I am fortunate enough to drive the one that I love the most. 

I am very lucky and I am grateful.


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