Thursday, January 12, 2012

Funny How Things Work Out...

This afternoon, Steve got an email from a former co-worker that announced the name of the new Director of Sustainability at Burt's. Remember, this is the position that Steve had been interested in back in like June... maybe even sooner like April.

Anyway, when Steve had expressed interest, he was basically, without directly being told so, told that he wasn't what they were looking for to fill the position. So then Yola (former Director of Sustainability) left (she retired) and Steve was asked to fill her role while they interviewed candidates. It was ironic to me that he was competent enough to fill in for her, but not competent enough for the job. Hmmmm...

While he filled in for her, he was able to do speaking engagements that she would have normally done, and he got a good taste for the job. He decided that he really wanted it and decided to ask once again about the position. Again, he was basically told that they were looking for something different... someone to be hired from the outside, and not an internal person.

They asked him to help recruit and interview candidates... and he did so with a smile on his face. He realized through the interviews that he was far more qualified to do the job than any of them. It was through this process that I began seriously pushing him to look elsewhere for a job.

He'd come home very upset about how things went for the day and there was nothing I could do to help. He didn't see anything changing and he was quite unhappy. He finally started talking to some recruiters and Eryn came back into the picture with the possible opportunity at World 50. The rest is history.

So back to the beginning of this post... he found out that they named their new Director of Sustainability. This same person, had Steve stayed there, he'd be reporting to and working with. They hired someone internal (hmmmmm) and someone with pretty much ZERO sustainability background. 

I told Steve, I am SOOOOOO happy that he left when he did. I can't even begin to imagine how hurt and pissed off he'd be tonight if he was still there. He's in such a better place, so much happier working here, and appreciated and valued. All the things about him that I've always admired and respected, he's valued for here in Georgia.

It's definitely funny how things work out and I'm so glad that we trusted each other to walk down a new path... it's led us to greater things and we couldn't be happier!!


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