Thursday, January 12, 2012

Terrific Thursday!

The World's Cutest Boy

Have you ever met someone and just "clicked" with them instantly? Immediate chemistry and it felt like you'd known them forever and yet it was your first time meeting? That happened today when I met Kelli and her daughter Scarlett for our morning playdate.

Before I go into that, let me start at 7am when Gus got up. I was SOOOOOO tired and didn't want to get up!! It was still dark outside, the sun had not come up yet and there we were having breakfast in the livingroom. I was worried that when 10am got here, he'd be too tired to have fun with his new friend. Fortunately, I was wrong!

Playing in his kitchen this morning

Driving around

Kelli and Scarlett arrived at 10 and the kids instantly hit it off! Gus was very excited to play with his new friend and was all about showing her his toys. We went to the basement and the kids had so much fun playing while Kelli and I talked. Gus shared his snack with Scarlett and played so well with her. It was a really nice visit!!

After they left, we had lunch...

I put Gus down for his nap and he slept from 1:00-5:15!!! Talk about a nice long nap! When he got up he was in the best mood and so happy! His diaper was hardly wet (such a great sign) too!

While Gus was sleeping, his Melissa & Doug stuff arrived. He got some dough and tools and then a string-a-bead set. He and I played with the beads and he did a great job stringing them! It's great for fine-motor control!! Then Steve and Gus played with the dough while I ordered pizza.

Yes my friends, we had Jets Pizza for dinner!! I couldn't believe that there are some here in Georgia! It's a Michigan company and while it was never my absolute favorite in Michigan, I did like it. It was like a little taste of home tonight!! 

After dinner we watched Modern Family from last night and the new Chelsea Handler show... it was okay. Not horrible. Modern Family was hilarious as always.

I'm off to bed. We don't have anything planned tomorrow and then I've got Michelle's baby shower on Saturday (I can't wait)!! Then next Tuesday, Gus and I are going to a place called Catch Air for a playdate with some moms... it should be fun!!

See ya tomorrow!


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