Saturday, January 14, 2012

Baby Shower Saturday

Me and Michelle

My friend Michelle had her baby shower today! Michelle is an Alpha Gam (many years after me), but we didn't meet through AGD. When Anne Kloack came to me with folders for possible student teachers in the fall of 2006 (for the winter 2007 semester), the one that she thought I'd REALLY like was Michelle's folder. She said that she thought I'd really get along with her and I could really make Michelle's student teaching semester amazing. 

When I saw the name, I knew that I knew it, but wasn't 100% how. Then I read her info and saw that she was the current President of Alpha Gamma Delta at EMU. BINGO! That's how I knew her! But... I didn't really know her at all. Had never met her before.

So I told Anne that I knew "of" Michelle and asked if it was a conflict of interest to have her in my classroom with me, and Anne said that she didn't think so, not if I didn't even know Michelle. So it was set and she started in January of 2007 as my last student teacher in MI.

Anyway, before student teaching with me, Michelle took a job in Georgia (where she is now) and already had a job lined up before coming into my room. I was worried that because she already had a job, she wouldn't give 100% effort to student teaching. I was wrong, and she and I had a GREAT semester together. I think she learned from me (hope so anyway) and I enjoyed seeing her blossom and thrive with my 5th graders.

When we found out that we were moving to GA, she was the first person I got in touch with and asked for info on the areas around Buckhead. I was excited when the call came for Steve while we were in Harris Teeter offering him the job, and that night, I messaged her and told her.

I'm so glad to be down here and to have her so close. She's about 45 minutes from me, and by no means "close" but it's nice to have her close enough that I can see her a few times a month!!

So anyway, her baby shower was today and it was great seeing her again and to see her mom. I got to see the nursery too... they're not sure if they're having a boy or girl, and are going to wait to be surprised on their baby's birthday. What a fun treat!

While we were chatting after she opened her gifts and everyone was just hanging out, she asked me if I would be willing to take pictures of her while she's in labor and delivering. I couldn't believe it. What an honor!!

I got a little emotional and told her that I was honored and that I'd never been in a delivery room before. She said, "Neither have I!" LOL

I'm very excited! Granted, she might change her mind and decide that she doesn't want to use me for this, and I'll understand. BUT... if she wants it, I'll be there to take her pictures while she's laboring and then finally bringing her baby into this world. What a privilege to get to be there for such an immensely important moment!!! 

I had to Google some photography of labor and delivery photo shoots because I had no idea what it'd even look like. After looking at some, it's just amazing. How awesome to have such a great, momentous occasion documented on film!! I just hope I don't screw anything up... there are no re-dos!!

While I was gone, Gus decided that he didn't want to nap and was a beast. Steve said it was a long, exhausting day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. We're going to Outback for dinner and I can't wait! We were supposed to go tonight, but with Gus being a beast and me getting home at 6:00-- it was too late. We'll go early tomorrow so that we can get home and have some down-time before Gus goes to bed and Steve gets himself ready for work on Monday.

See you tomorrow... or the next day!!!


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