Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Ducky Day

Ducky Boy

Today was a pretty good day... Gus didn't nap this morning like he should have (slept for maybe 30 minutes), but he wasn't a beast, so that's good.

We did some errands... went to Home Depot, Target, and Kroger and then came home and Gus took another nap (slept for an hour and a half). He decided to wear his duck costume ALL DAY. :-)

After his afternoon nap, we hopped in the car and headed to Outback for dinner. I had called ahead and when we walked in, we were taken immediately to our table. ZERO WAIT. I was so happy that I called!

Gus was still sleepy when we first arrived. I brought lots of stuff to keep him busy and then the crayons and coloring book kept him busy too. It was a nice dinner and I missed a filet and finally got my fill. It was so delicious!!

We came home and watched some football and then put Gus to bed. I'm in the process of updating my photography blog. I only have two followers (Steve and Lynn from Oak Grove)... hopefully more will follow soon!

See you tomorrow!!!


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