Friday, January 20, 2012

What A Day

Gus and his magic wand

What a long day!! Gus has been CRAZY teething today... constantly drooling and just can't get enough in his mouth. He was playing in the utinsils drawer and found his magic wand (it's a beginner toothbrush without bristles). He gnawed on it all day and LOVED it!! I think it provided a lot of soothing for him... which is good because it was a long day.

Gus wearing Steve's t-shirt

Me and Gus

Sad face


This morning wasn't too bad, but when Gus got up from his nap (which only lasted for about 45 minutes), he was CRANKY. This lasted all afternoon and into the evening.

I was supposed to go to the AAM Moms' Night Out, but I didn't go. Not only because it wasn't until 7:30 (which is late to me), but Gus wasn't feeling well, Steve sat in traffic for over an hour, and I just wanted to relax after Gus went to bed.

I'm glad I stayed home. We had a good dinner together and then watched Grey's Anatomy together.
SO CRANKY at dinner

Using the straw to poke himself in the eye

Happy to get some yogurt

I've got a nail appointment tomorrow and then I need to go grocery shopping too. Michelle is coming for dinner tomorrow night... without her husband. That's a whole different story and I'm honestly way confused about the whole thing.

In a nutshell, he isn't coming to dinner with her because he doesn't want to meet me (he's never met me). Totally sends bad vibes to me, but she assures me that it has nothing to do with me. She said it's because he doesn't want anyone in the room with them when they have their baby, (she asked me to take pictures), and now he doesn't want to meet me before then, because it'll feel like he knows me... ????? Does that make sense to anyone?

I just feel like it's messed up. Now my first impression of him is just weird. Steve thought it was odd too... I feel like if he doesn't want me in the room with them, fine. No sweat... it's not like he's doing me a favor by letting me be there. I'm willing to take pictures (for free), edit them so they look amazing (for free), devote my personal time for this (for free) and be away from my family (for free) and I feel like he's acting like this was all my idea and as a result, he wants nothing to do with me. It's so weird.

Anyway... Hopefully it gets worked out, otherwise, it'll be VERY awkward to be around him. I hate feeling like this, especially since I've never met him. :(

Okay- I'm off to bed. Nite!


TTABaby said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Did he meet the doctor that is going to deliver the baby? I find it odd as well. She however is the mom and your friend. You are also an amazing photographer and she is going to be very lucky to have you! :)

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