Thursday, January 19, 2012

Catch Air

Gus in the ball pit

Yesterday we went to a place called Catch Air with some of my Atlanta Area Mommies (AAM) friends. I wasn't sure if I would like it, and more importantly, I was worried that Gus wouldn't like it.

After going to Kid Blast (which is forever renamed "Kid Bust" in my mind) last year, I was afraid of the same thing happening again. Gus HATED it. The child that loves to climb and jump, and he hated it. 

Dina showed me a few pictures of Catch Air (she goes each week) and I thought I'd give it a shot. I'm so glad we did! It was like $5.50 for Gus to get in and I saw that they have a frequent visitor pass. It was $31.00 with tax and got us 10 visits. I decided to do the pass and our visit yesterday was free! So really, we got 11 visits for $31 and that made it $2.82 per visit. Had I not bought the pass, it would be $60.50 for 11 visits... so we SAVED some big bucks with the pass!!

Catch Air lets you stay as long as you want, they have free coffee for parents and free wi-fi. They also have snacks (Papa Johns and Chick Fil A) and play popular music on their sound system, but it's all kid-friendly (think Kids Bop).

I was so impressed and so glad we went. Gus had such a great time! Here are some pictures of him that I took during our two-hour visit:
He LOVED the ball pit!

Of course, he LOVED the train table!


Workin' on his fitness (lol)

A BIG sit-n-spin

He didn't know how to use it, but he tried!

This was okay until it started to move... then he wanted OUT!

GIANT blocks with Becca

Water break

A different ball pit

Daring and climbing for a minute... then he came back down


In one of the inflatables
He actually played inside this!

Above the ball pit... it's an enclosed balloon room!

All was well and then he spotted Mickey on one of the televisions

He LOVES Mickey

The balloon room

We stayed for almost two hours and while we were there two other moms (not including Dina) came with their kids. It was so nice to meet more people and the one (her name is Heather) is going to the Moms' Night Out on Friday. She was really nice!

We're slowly adapting to our new environment and trying to adjust to being in a new place. Steve LOVES his job and is so happy-- especially with all the craziness happening at Burt's. Our move was most definitely guided by the big guy above!!

See ya later!!


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