Monday, January 09, 2012

You Live and You Learn

Gus saying "Choo Choo"

I have to say I'm so thankful for Facebook and for the friends that I have on there that are so supportive. I posted about our dinner battle tonight and had so many great friends comment with support and they shared their suggestions and their own struggles. It made me feel so much better, and as a result, I know where I went wrong and what could have been done to avoid the drama that enfolded as a result.

As my title states, you live and you learn.

We had a pretty good day. Gus got up REALLY early but had his pants on still (YAHOO!!!). It's the little things that make me happy.

We came downstairs and had breakfast and then Gus and I watched Mickey. While he watched, I cleaned up the kitchen a bit and then headed out to the mailbox to put the application for a SSN for Gus in the mail. 
The house from the mailbox
The tree in our front yard

I decided to take a picture of the tree because the sky was looking neat and I was feeling like it. ;-)
Riding his horse and watching Mickey Mouse

Gus went down for a nap relatively early (10:30) because he was getting sloppy and so very tired. He slept from 10:30-1:30!

When Gus woke up, we had lunch and then after lunch we went downstairs and played from 1:30-4:00.
Playing with his number & abacus toy

Roller Coaster Fun

Little People Playground

Fun in the tunnel!

Giving Purry Como some love... <3

Ught oh... he took his pants off... we know what that means!!!

I took a quiz on the Parents magazine website about potty readiness. Based on my answers, it said that Gus is ready to start potty training. I read an article that said between 18-24 months, most kids show signs of readiness. These are the things that Gus is doing that make me think he might be ready:
  1. He does NOT like having a wet/dirty diaper on AT ALL!!!
  2. He lets me know that he's wet/dirty by giving me the sign
  3. He can take his pants off (and does after he's relieved himself)
  4. He will follow me to the potty and sits on his potty while I use mine (same with Steve)
  5. He goes several hours in the afternoon with a dry diaper
  6. He usually (75% of the time) wakes from a nap and is dry
So all these things together lead me to think he might be ready. My only point of not being 100% sure is that he doesn't tell me that he has to go BEFORE... it's always after. I guess I could set the clock and put him on the potty every so many minutes... but I don't know.

I've got some big boy underwear coming this next week from JC Penny... we'll see. I just wish I knew where to start with it. Everyone has been telling me that their kids didn't start potty training until they were three or three and a half... and he's not even 20 months yet (Wednesday). I don't want to start anything too early. Then again, I read things that people wrote that said their kids were showing all the signs when they were under two, and the parent ignored the signs and it took FOREVER for the kid to be trained... one was almost five before he was potty trained.

So I don't know... we'll see once the undies arrive. I've got the time to devote to it, and it's not like we go places each day... so we'll give it a go and see and if it doesn't work out, we'll try again later.

Gus took another nap this afternoon at 4:15 and slept until about 5:30. It was a a brief nap, but it was awesome. When he got up... he was CRANKY and hungry. We ended up having our first battle over dinner... and looking back, I should have just let him have cheese, some yogurt, some fruit... but instead I made him sit there and he cried because he wanted cheese and did NOT want what we were having.

I know for next time. many friends on FB suggested an evening snack... I like the idea! Maybe we'll try that this week. Steve took Gus up for his bath while I cleaned the livingroom and picked up the kitchen... I brought him up some cheese and he was so happy to have cheese!!!  :-)

Tomorrow our cleaning lady comes and I'm eager to see how long it takes her crew to get the house clean. We've been doing an AMAZING job of keeping it clean and clutter-free. I'm proud of us!!

See you tomorrow!!


Proud Mama said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

All three kiddos potty-learned around 20-24 months. I don't think it is too early, however you have to go into it with the right attitude. If he isn't ready, it is no biggee. Just move on; don't make it a battle of wills. He will win that one. For us, we introduced the potty with loads of naked time. I know that may not work for you, but it worked for us. Each would spend a larger portion of time completely naked. The potty would be close by. As we played together, if they started to pee, I would remark about it and set them on the little potty. Quickly they understood the sensation and the result as well as the triumph of getting to the chair. Also you can start putting him on the potty first thing in the morning. I really like how they learn how their body is working. Good luck, Cath! And relax, there is no test or rulebook.

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