Saturday, January 07, 2012

A Year of Gratitude #6

A Year of Gratitude #6: C & H

I could write a book about C & H and how thankful I am for them. They are Gus's birth parents and are two of the most amazing people that I've ever met. Not only are they good people, but they are selfless and put the needs of Gus ahead of their own. 

Sure they could have decided to parent him. They could have sacrificed their youth, their schooling, and their futures to raise him. I'm certain that there would have been some major struggles and it would have been extremely difficult for them to give him all the things that they would want for him to have. I'm sure he would have had the basics, and they would have had to work their tails off to make ends meet.

But they looked at their situation and through prayer and discussions with each other and family, they decided to do the scariest thing of all... they decided to place him into our arms and allow us to be his parents. I can't even imagine how difficult that decision had to have been for them. 

We weren't sure what kind of relationship we'd have with them since they weren't sure if they wanted an open adoption. Fortunately we were able to agree to an open adoption and not only do they get to see him, but so do their families.

I can say with the fullest of my heart that they placed him into our arms out of love. They wanted the best for him and they were willing to put their needs aside in order to give him the best possible future. It's my purpose, as his mom, to ensure that he never forget that his birth mother and father love him so deeply, and care about him more than anything on this Earth. They care more about him, than their own desires and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Gus has always been a special little guy. He's always had a very happy nature, always been very laid-back and chill, and never been one to fuss. He's content, secure, and loved by more people than you could imagine. He's extremely blessed to have birth parents that want to be apart of his life, and birth aunts, uncles, great aunts and uncles, cousins, grandparents, and great-grandparents too!

I pray that Gus's birth mom and dad are able to have a family someday in their future, when they're ready and the time is right for them. I think they'll be exceptional parents, and I pray that they love parenthood as much as I do. 

Children are a miracle and a blessing regardless of how they come into our lives. I'm grateful that C & H entered my life and will always, always have a piece of my heart and will always have my gratitude for giving me the gift of motherhood.


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