Wednesday, January 04, 2012


This morning started with another pooptastrophy. This time I wasn't so lucky and when I went in to get Gus, the poop was all over the crib. I was so pissed...

So after I got him cleaned up and the crib taken care of, we headed downstairs for breakfast. Gus was snuggling Harry (his doll) while drinking some juice and watching Mickey. 

It was about 8:50 or so, and I let the dogs out for a bit. When I went to let them in, only Ned came to the door (which is pretty normal... I usually have to call Elphie at least twice before she comes inside). I called again... no Elphie. I called a third time, and still no Elphie. So I stepped outside to look and I didn't see her. 

I went down into the yard and looked back in the back where it's not fenced, thinking that maybe she got through the area, and it was still intact... but when I looked back at the house, I saw the gate to the backyard was WIDE open. :-(

I called and called for her but she was gone. So I texted Steve and then went back inside... stepped out into the front and called some more, but nothing. So I ended up getting her microchip info and called to report her missing. Just as I was giving the info on the phone, I looked outside one more time and saw her across the street. I immediately hung up and went out and called her, and she came running home.

I was so thankful that she actually came to me... instead of running away. I told Steve that she came home and that we MUST get their tags updated with our new info... they're still listed as living in North Carolina.

As soon as I got her back inside, it was time to head out for our playdate. We arrived about 15 minutes late, but pulled up at the same time as the other mom (Andrea). She had a little girl named Gemma who was 29 months, and then Kim hosted, and had a five year old named Caroline and a three year old named Lilah.
Gus enjoying the cash register

He liked the rocking horse too

We had a great time and stayed for about two hours and then it was time to head home for lunch and then naptime.

Gus went down for his afternoon nap at 1:00 and woke up at 4:00. It was SO NICE to have him get a nice long nap today!!

Once he was up, we played for a bit and then Steve got home. 
Gus counting bowls

We ordered pizza (it was yummy) and had dinner and while we were watching tv after dinner, Gus decided to take off his diaper... and this one was poopy. THANKFULLY it fell bottom up and didn't spill out at all, but my goodness was it gross.

We threw him in the tub and then it was bedtime.

We came downstairs, and this is what I saw:

I'm chatting with Kristen as I type this... so good to talk to her!! She was eager to hear about how our playdate went today... so supportive and such a good friend. :-)

Tomorrow we're staying home all day and I'm excited to just veg all day with Gus. Hopefully it'll be warmer than today. Friday we have a playdate with a lady named Dina... her daughter Becca is 19 months old too, and was born May 14th of 2010! How fun is that? I'm excited because she's new to GA too and doesn't know anyone here either. They're going to come over here around 10 on Friday and I can't wait!!



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Benton has the same doll. I call him Furnis or sometimes Fergis. With all the diaper removal, you may want to think about potty learning. He definitely seems to know his body.

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