Monday, May 07, 2012

Busy Bag Swap

My MOMS Club had a Busy Bag Swap on Friday and it was so fun! Here are the items that we came away with!

ABC Spoons-- Upper case letters on the white spoons and lower case letters on the clear spoons

Button Snake with lots of felt to use

Beading a Pipe Cleaner Activity- You can use colors for this or counting

Ckoud Dough- Baby Oil and Flour mixed together

Cupcake Decorating Felt activity

Popsicle Stick Puzzles

Brown Bear, Brown Bear cards- size sorting

Eric Carle Numbers Cards

Eric Carle Animal Heads and Tails game

Color Sorting Game with Pom Poms

Close-pin Color Wheel

Velcro Shape Maker

Name Lacing Activity

Number Wheel

Felt Matching Shapes Activity


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WOW! What an amazing amount of awesome loot!

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