Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Year of Gratitude #131

A Year of Gratitude: #131: Heart Rate Monitor Watch

For Mother's Day, Steve and Gus got me a Polar Heart Rate Monitor watch. It's incredible. I wore it today to our trip to the train museum, and started my fitness mode. While I was just sitting around or standing, it was in the 90s (which is normal) and then of course, when I was chasing Gus around, it was a bit higher. I got the watch so that I could make sure I don't over-do my walgging, but also to get an accurate calorie count for how many I'm burning. 

I had to put in my age, height, weight, and then it stores the data. I set my watch to keep track of my heart rate and calories from the time we left for the museum (10:00) to the time that we got home (1:00). In that time, I burned 602 calories. :-)

CHA CHING! Obviously, I carry more weight, so I presume that has something to do with how many calories I'm burning, but also chasing Gus around and carrying him to and fro, probably added to my count.

I'm eager to use it tomorrow when we go walgging in the morning!! I'm thankful to have something that will accurately tell me how much I'm burning. It's more motivating to know, and I feel good about having a device that'll alert me if my heart rate goes too high!!


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