Monday, May 07, 2012

A Year of Gratitude #125, 126, 127, 128

A Year of Gratitude: #125, 126, 127 & 128

I'm sorry that I haven't had a chance to get online to blog... my computer died for good and I had to get a new hard drive. I should be set for a while... hopefully. Since I have four days worth of gratitude, I'll do them all in one blog.

#125: Busy Bags

This past Friday, my MOMS Club hosted a Busy Bag Swap at my house. Each mom signed up for a different activity and then on Friday, we came together to share our crafts with one another. There were 13 kids, and each mom made a different craft. We ended up coming away with 13 different activities that can be used to keep a toddler busy. I made the above crafts-- Brown Bear, Brown Bear bags. Inside each bag was three different activities. A heads and tails matching game, a counting game, and a sizing game.

We had a great morning together and then we enjoyed a potluck lunch together. It was so wonderful and we had a great turn out! I think we're going to try and do another swap in the fall.

#126: Motor City Coney Island

There's a place in Stone Mountain that's called Motor City Coney Island. They make coney dogs just like you get in Detroit. I think coneys are the one thing that I miss most living in the south. You don't realize how awesome they are, until you can't get them anywhere.

We drove to Stone Mountain and enjoyed our coney dogs for lunch. Steve and I each had a dog and some fries and then we were even delighted to enjoy Faygo pop!
Yummmmm... cheese fries with fries just like in the D


They didn't have Rock-n-Rye (my fav) but this is my second favorite!

LOVE that it says POP for soft drinks!


We will be going back. Steve wasn't as impressed as I was, but he isn't FROM Detroit and didn't grow up on Lafayette Coney Island like I did!! I even got a bag of Better Made BBQ to go!!! I was in heaven!!

#127: Losing .5 Pounds

As you can see from my meal above-- I didn't exactly "stick" to my plan this past week. I designated Thursday as a free day because of Taco Thursday, but I intended on walgging on Friday-- that didn't happen because of the rain, and then there was the pot luck on Friday. I just didn't know exact calories, and while I guessed, it wasn't as accurate as it needed to be. All that being said, I was thrilled to see that I lost 1/2 a pound on Sunday morning!!

#128:  Computer Problem Solved???

Do you remember a while back when I was having issues with my computer? I had a virus and my dad talked me through how to remove it? Well... I think that virus SERIOUSLY killed my hard drive. My computer crashed, yet again, on Friday and Steve decided to get me a new hard drive on Saturday. So far so good... and I am thankful to have my computer back up and running and it's great so far!


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