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Day 104 (Thursday, April 14, 2011)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sorry that I haven't been able to get online to post a blog each day for the last four days!! We were in Michigan for Gus's finalization. It was a wonderful, but short trip.

On Thursday we woke up at 4am and we were on the road by 4:45. I didn't get much sleep Wednesday night and I was really tired by the time Steve woke me up.

We stopped at McDonald's for breakfast and then only stopped a few times between home and my parents. Gus's diaper leaked twice while traveling, and we got to my parents and already had two soaked outfits. I thought I would pack fewer clothes for him this time, since last time I over-packed. I guess I didn't pack enough, because he leaked several times and we had to do laundry before heading home.

Gus did really well on the drive. He was alert and we read his "Glug... Glug... Glug" book at least twenty times. We stopped at Taco Bell for lunch and I tried to give Gus some beans, but he wasn't feeling it. Instead, I fed him some apple sauce with oatmeal and he liked that.

I started to read The Help. It came highly recommended by Wendy and I really like what I've read so far. I'll blog more after I've finished reading it.

Here are some pictures from the drive to Michigan:

We got to my parent's house around 5:15 and had a nice visit. We had to bring the dogs with us because we couldn't get anyone to take them for us, and we didn't want to spend $100 on boarding them. They did well in the car though, and it was worth it to save some $$.

Steve unpacked the car and took the stuff upstairs to the room where we stayed. When he was done, we headed off to Meijer to get some groceries while we'd be in MI. After getting the groceries, we headed to KFC for dinner.

We spent the rest of the evening visiting and having dinner. It was an early bedtime and we had to be up early for court on Friday, so we said goodnight and headed to bed.



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Congratulations on the finalization of Gus' adoption. When I read that you wrote that, I instantly burst into tears of joy for you! For us, that day was just as important as the day that our Gus was born. What a wonderful day!! Congrats!!!

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