Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 110

I just adore Gus so much. He's such a delightful little baby and I love that I get to spend each and every day with him and basking in his glow. :)

This morning Gus got up around 7:30. We had a "rough" night due to me trying to go all night without a bottle and it wasn't pretty. I've got a game plan though and I think it just might work. I've got about three weeks to get him fully off the bottle, as my goal is for him to not use a bottle after he turns one. We'll see. I bet Wendy lunch that I could do it.

We went downstairs and played for a bit and then I gave Gus a four ounce bottle, he drank all of it, and was still hungry, so I fed him some yogurt. He ate all of it. Then we went out to the screened porch and he played for a bit. I took a video of him talking to the dogs and I swear to God he said, "Elphie" when I said Elphie to him.I posted the video... you'll have to watch it and tell me what you think.

Anyway, Gus loves being on the screened porch. It's safe and outside at the same time. The cats like to go out there too.

After we played outside for a bit, we came inside for more playing. I watched 16 and Pregnant from last night while Gus played. 

At 11:15 Kristen arrived for us to leave for the Durham Bulls game. It was Gus's first game and Kristen and Grace's first game too. It took us about 45 minutes to get there and I was shocked at how many people were at a 1:05 game on a Wednesday! I thought it'd be empty, but it was pretty full. The great thing was that I didn't have to pay to park. I saved $4!

I wish I had known that I could bring in a stroller. I also wish I had stuck to my guns and brought Gus's little seat that he sits in to eat. I know for next time...

We sat in seats that were just across the aisle from the seats we had our first season that we had the partial season tickets. We ended up taking up an extra seat for our bags. Gus was getting squirmy and so I gave him an apple. I ate most of it and let him gum it... and of course the juice ran all down my hand and his chin, but it kept him happy and busy for about 45 minutes. SCORE. Then it was around 2ish and he was getting tired. I opened his bottle that I had put the cap on in my bag... and the bottle had leaked all into my bag (gross) and then when I opened the cap, it had collected a bunch of formula in the cap, and spilled all over my pants. GRRRR

We decided around 2:30ish that it was time to go. Neither baby had slept and both were really tired. So as we headed out, we got to where the Mellow Mushroom is (right by the parking structure) and Kristen tripped on something, fell, and Grace was in front of her in the carrier. Grace hit her head and scraped it to where it was bleeding. Kristen was freaking out, busted her knee and hands, and was so worried about poor little Grace. Fortunately there were so many nice people that came to help. One went and got some ice from the Mellow Mushroom, and the guy that brought it out also happened to be a paramedic. Kristen asked about how you know if the baby has a concussion, and he told us what to watch for. Anyway, it was super scary. It's amazing what mommy instincts kick in when you and/or your child is hurt. Kristen's first reaction (without thinking) was to protect Grace and I think she was able to save her from something that could have been really bad. I think she was able to walk away with just a scraped up forehead.
We got back here around 3:45 and Kristen had sat in the back of the car with Grace and Gus and kept her awake. You can see her bump in the picture above. I sure hope she's okay!!

Gus and I chilled out for a little bit and then we headed out to dinner with Wendy. We went to Jo-Ann's first and Gus walked all around the store. I think it tired him out a bit. Then we went to Red Robin for dinner (Girls' Night Out). It was fun and we had a good time.

We got home after 8 and I put Gus to bed and now I'm ready to go to bed myself. I talked to Steve for about a half hour and it was good to catch up and hear about his day. I miss him so much and can't wait for him to come home already!!!!



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