Monday, April 18, 2011

Day 108 (Monday, April 18th, 2011)

We got up around 8 this morning... I was able to get a shower before Gus lost his mind too much in his crib. Sometime around 9 Debbie came over with Hobo. We'll be fostering him again for about six months or so, until his family can get themselves situated in Florida (they moved from here to Boston and now from Boston to Florida). We keep them in our prayers each day and hope that God continues to work miracles on Adam.

Gus played all morning and I had decided last night that we weren't going to go to our park playdate. Partially because of the giant detour to get in/out of our neighborhood and out to the main road, but also because I couldn't put Gus back into his car seat when he was in it for 27 total hours over four days. He seemed to enjoy the time to just play and not have to go anywhere.

Gus enjoyed playing with his train!!

Steve got home early and fed Gus while I made dinner. His favorite thing to do lately is to laugh and laugh at nothing. It's funny to watch and even funnier to watch him amuse himself.

After we had dinner we watched TV and then headed up here to put Gus to bed. I'm exhausted... trying to catch up all my blogging has wore me out!!!

Tomorrow Steve will be home in the morning and then he's flying to Atlanta to catch a plane to San Francisco for the Clorox Earth Day event. He'll be gone until early Friday morning (1am or so). It'll be weird here without him.

Tomorrow my new slide for Gus will be delivered in the morning, and then we have our Adoption Group dinner. I'll be bringing Gus with me... it should be fun!!! We're going to O'Charley's... one of my favorite places to eat!!!

See you tomorrow!


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