Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day 111

I honestly think Gus is getting cuter each day. I just can't get enough of him-- he's seriously so much fun to be around. I never thought I'd think it was fun to spend all day (every day) with a baby, but it's so much more than I ever dreamed. I don't know what I'd do if I had to go to work. I guess I wouldn't know what I was missing, but knowing what I know, I feel bad for all my friends that have kids and have to work and don't get the pleasure and delight of spending all hours of the day with your child(ren).

This morning we got up and I decided that today would be the day to see how Gus would do without a bottle. I decided to put his formula in a sippy cup and give it to him like that, instead of in the bottle.
He didn't seem to mind too much that he didn't have his bottle. I gave him four ounces when he first got up and then he was still hungry, so then I gave him about 3 ounces of yogurt and 1/2 of a bagel. He seemed happy and was ready to play.

Then it was mid-afternoon and I gave him a snack (lil crunchies, puffs, and fruit and veggie bites) and he was very happy. I gave him another four ounces of formula in his sippy.

He started to get tired around 11ish or so, and I read him a story and then took him up for his nap.

He finished the bottle that he had from mid-morning before his nap, and then he napped for over an hour and a half. While he was napping, I worked on the announcements. I've got them all addressed and now I just need to put return labels on them and go to the post office for stamps. I'm excited to send them out!

I also ordered my nephew's birthday gift. He'll be eight on April 25th. His gifts should arrive in two days, so hopefully he'll get them on or before his birthday. I think he'll really enjoy them.

Gus was up from his nap around 1:00 and we went downstairs so I could change him and get him dressed. I bought this onesie a while ago, and I just thought it was the cutest thing. AND one that you can't get anymore. It's one that we'll for sure keep for him since it's special. Of course I had to take pictures of him wearing it!!

Gus petting Hobo

Such a silly face!

Mr. Crabby Pants was getting hungry for lunch...

Waving hello!!!

Yesterday when we were saying goodbye to Kristen and Grace, I asked Gus to wave bye-bye and he did! So today we practiced some more (I have a video of it) and I was so proud of him! He's learning new things everyday and it's wonderful!!! He kinda isn't sure what his hands are doing and gets focused on them and just looks at them while they wave- it's funny.

Gus had a HUGE lunch today! He had two bites of coleslaw, an entire container of the strawberry-cereal yogurt, some ham, some cheese, and an apple! He was full and had a lot of energy to run around and play all afternoon.
When it was time for Gus's afternoon nap, I gave him another four ounces and he drank it before his nap. Then he slept for about two and a half hours. When he got up, he was ready for dinner. I made us some sweet potato fries (he loved them) and hotdogs. Gus does NOT like mustard (can't blame him) and preferred the bun to the actual hotdog. They were all beef hotdogs and skinless, so I wasn't too worried about him trying it, but he wasn't really enjoying the bite that I gave him, so he just had baked sweet potato fries and hotdog bun for dinner.

He played for the remainder of the evening and then I just brought him up for bed. I gave him another four ounces before bed and he didn't quite drink it all. I'm hoping that he sleeps well tonight and doesn't wake up too hungry in the middle of the night.

For being day one of no bottle, I think he did EXTREMELY well and I'll say it was a successful day! He usually has anywhere from 36-50 ounces of formula each day. Today he had 16 ounces. I figure he's got three weeks before he's a year and as long as he's getting some formula that's good... and I'm sure there will be days that aren't as great as today, but I'm chalking it up as a successful day.

I'm excited for Steve to come home. He'll be arriving in Atlanta around 9:30 and then has to catch his connection to RDU at 9:50. He was worried because his flight from CA to GA was delayed and he was worried that he'll miss his connecting flight home. If he misses it... he'll be staying in GA overnight and can't come home until tomorrow morning.  :(

See you tomorrow!!


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