Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 263

September 20th, 2010

September 20th, 2011

Sorry that I'm so late blogging tonight (it's after midnight). I've been working on a project and then had to take my module exam for Healthcare Documentation (I got a 95%). I had a moment (okay a few actually) of asking, "Why the eff am I doing this???" I seriously am not interested in doing this and I'm sick of spending ALL OF MY TIME on this crap. Grrrrr... maybe something will happen that will allow me to discontinue... we'd only be out $175 and it's not like I'll be bringing in any income before May of 2011 anyway.

Anyway... Gus got up this morning and we played before coming down for breakfast. We had the Little Gym this morning so I wanted to make sure that he had a good morning and wasn't too tired before heading out.

It was time to leave for TLG-- we got there around 10 and we were the first ones there. The teacher, Miss Allie, welcomed us and remembered our names (she's good). Then everyone started showing up and there were A LOT of kids today!!
On our way!

Patiently waiting to go in

Gus walked on the beam today!! I was so proud of him because last week he wouldn't  even put his feet down when I held him and today he actually held onto the bars and walked himself across!!

Everyone enjoyed this blow-up thingy but Gus was afraid of it, so we went and played!

Getting ready to walk across the beam all by himself!

Sitting and thinking about it

Climbing the rock wall


I was so proud of him!!! Who knows, maybe next week he'll try to walk across the double beam without any assistance and them maybe he'll try the real beam again!

Trying to climb up on the high beam

Too scared to hang from the parallel bars

The little monkey next to him was hanging and jumping off!

Nope... not today!

An exhausted boy ready to go home!

It was another incredible session today! Some of the things that they do are too mature for Gus, like the imagination stuff today... a bear walk and crab walk and other stuff like that, he just isn't ready for just yet. But he most certainly had a great time and really enjoyed himself!! I love that it's helping to build his confidence!

We got home and had lunch and then I put Gus down for a nap. I was able to work on my module and got 99% completed before Gus woke up. I figured I'd finish the rest after I put him to bed tonight.

When I went in to get Gus, he did this thing that he's been doing a LOT lately. He's very particular about his loveys and where they go once he's awake. He likes to take them and put them just outside the netting on his tent.
His puff frog

First his soft frog

Then the puff frog

He checks to make sure they're secure

Last thing is always the blanket frog
Isn't he silly??

After Gus's nap we went downstairs and played for a while and then I got the mail. His last package arrived today from eBay. I ordered it forever ago and it's pretend food, but it's wooden and broken down into four crates and it's by food groups. Gus loved it!

He made a hamburger

It kept him busy most of the night!

We had dinner and then it was time for bed.

I have been working on a project (can't say what it's for) but I'm excited about it. I have to finish it tomorrow though... hmmmm.

I'm supposed to go to a 10am playdate tomorrow at a lady named Marcy's (YES... THE Marcy... the one that called me the mamaratzi) but I'm not sure if we'll make it. It'll depend on Gus's mood and how tired I am.I didn't want to go, but Kristen made me feel guilty about it, so I signed up. We'll see.

I'm also supposed to tutor Gulbike tomorrow after 7:30, but after talking to Steve, I'm going to cancel. He'll be exhausted from traveling and I don't want to do it so late.

Speaking of my husband... he is in Detroit! He was there to be the keynote (YES... you read correctly, KEYNOTE) speaker at a thing at Chrysler!! He was at their headquarters at a dinner tonight and was the keynote speaker. He also spoke this afternoon for an hour!!

While he was in the area, he stopped by and saw my mom and dad. I told him to give them kisses for me and to take a picture with them. It made my night!
Okay... I'm going to bed. Nite ya'll!


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