Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day 260

September 17th, 2010
September 17th, 2011

I'm going to be the first to admit that I am obsessed with Gus. I just cannot get enough of him! I'm not sure if it's normal to be so over-the-top in love with your child, but I just absolutely adore him. Maybe it's because I lived with the fear of never becoming a mom for so many years, that now that I have him, I cherish him even more. I don't know what the reason, but I do know that he has my entire heart.

I'm off the "I want another baby ASAP" phase for now. For now I just want to enjoy Gus and him being the apple of my eye and the ONLY child that matters. I cannot even imagine having to share my love and affection and attention with another child. I'd feel terrible not giving him all my everything and having to split my time with another child, much less a brand new baby. I think Gus is incredibly lucky to be the first child in our family... he's been the focus of everything and hasn't had to share the spotlight with anyone.

I got up with Gus this morning and let Steve sleep in. We were both up past midnight last night and I was exhausted this morning. I get to sleep in tomorrow, so I'm not too worried about it approaching 12 again tonight.

I made ham and cheese hashbrown casserole last night (I'm so smart) and all I had to do was preheat the oven and stick it in for an hour. Steve came down and breakfast was ready- and boy was it good!!

We headed to the Holly Springs Farmers Market and 2nd Annual Chili Cookoff this morning. It was so much fun. We got to taste and judge over ten different chili entries and we had our favorites. One of our top favorites (not THE top) won the people's choice award. :-)  We have such great taste!

Here are pictures from our morning:

Watching Mickey this morning. I love when he snuggles on my lap!

Still has his sleepy eyes  :-)

Ready to go to the Chili Cook-off!

For being a morning with rain... it was REALLY busy today!

Gus was loving the cooler temps!

There were amateur and professional divisions for the contest and then of course the people's choice... we got to sample everything!

This guy won the People's Choice award last year AND again this year! His was my 2nd favorite... but I liked that he had sour cream and cheese and some blue corn tortilla chips to help break up any spiciness. 

We ran into my MOMS Club friend Amie Knight and her son Jackson and her husband Tony and his parents. It was so great to see her... she's pregnant and looked adorable. I've been planning a great homemade gift for her baby shower next month! Hopefully we'll see her again before the shower!

Steve sampling some chili from Homegrown Pizza (it wasn't the best ever)

The three celebrity judges. I only knew the guy on the left... he's a news reporter here in Raleigh

They served alligator chili!!

There was live music (it was GREAT) and Gus got out and danced... it was VERY cute!

Then we went home and put Gus down for a nap and I had my nail appointment this afternoon. Gus slept for more than three hours!! Steve texted me while I was getting my nails done to tell me that he was still asleep. CRAZY! He's also teething so I'm sure that has something to do with it.

I went to Harris Teeter after my appointment, and I was excited because they had triple coupons going... well, I used my coupons but none of them were tripled. I was expecting this big reduction at the register... but I got nothing. Screw couponing...

I came home and Gus was up (finally). I made cake pops (see the post before this one with pictures) and then we made dinner. We got some filets at the FM from Carrie Wilkerson and then I made steamed potatoes (so flippin' easy... I don't know why I never thought to make potatoes this way before) and then we got a zucchini and squash from the FM and Steve broiled them. It made for a delicious dinner!
There was one HUGE filet and a little piece that wasn't edible at all

The filet melted in my mouth and was absolutely delicious. We had some cake pops for dessert and played with Gus for a bit before bed.
What?? Could he REALLY want mama instead of daddy????

Poor little man and his teething... :(

Gus didn't eat much of anything at dinner... but he did have some apples. So while we were getting ready to head upstairs, I had him on the couch with me and he started to gag on an apple... I tried to help him and was hitting his back and trying to help and all of a sudden, he PUKED all over me. It was absolutely horrific.

He stopped gaging, but there was vomit on my pants. Now, it wasn't colored... it was clear with some piece of food and the grossest part was the milk that was curdled from dinner and it was all over me. Steve immediately checked to see if Gus was okay, and then grabbed his camera and took a picture. He couldn't stop laughing and thought it was HILARIOUS.
Me-- post puke

We headed up and we were entertained by Gus's sommersaults in his room. He reached his limit and let us know he was ready for bed.
12 month footie pjs... almost too small!

My favorite boys


Another one!

Okay... ready for bed!

I continued my long-ass unit on pharmacology and worked for almost three hours and I'm STILL not done. It's the most difficult unit so far. Part of the problem is that I have to listen and dictate and I cannot hear anything because of my speakers. I need to get headphones ASAP. I HAVE to finish the unit tomorrow to be on track... I have to make up some lost time too- I didn't think it'd take so many days to get through this!

I've had to look up drugs and have had spelling tests and dictation and a bunch of not-so-fun things! It makes me dread doing this for real... :(

Did you know that a year ago today we were in Indiana surprising my FIL for his 60th birthday??

And... six years ago today, we were camping in the Irish Hills with Matt and Aimee (no kids yet) and Steve asked me to marry him!!
Before he proposed

After... he was exhausted (apparently)

Me and Ned and my new ring!

Anyway-- going to bed. See you tomorrow (now it's officially today)!


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