Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 264

September 21st, 2010 (Trying solid foods for the first time)

September 21st, 2011

We had a pretty good day... I didn't get to bed until after 1am and when Gus got up at 7 this morning I was beat. I didn't think I could get through the day, and here it is, 8:40 and I'm toast. It's going to be a quick blog tonight.

We got up and had breakfast (bagels) and then we played with Gus's fake food. Then it was time to go to the playdate at Marcy's. I've decided that I don't dislike her as much as before- she's actually not bad to be around. Her house is INCREDIBLE- HUGE. There were a lot of new moms there today and I enjoyed meeting new people. It's weird though, Marcy has a 4 year old and most of the moms that came today, also have 4 year olds that play with her son... so they all knew each other, and yet it was a K15 group. Most of them said they feel bad because they don't ever do things with their K15 kid... but since Marcy was hosting, they came.

Anyway... here are pictures from this morning:
Enjoying his 1/2 bagel this morning

Gus likes to rest his entire body against my foot

Playing with Grace

On the way to the playdate, Gus was playing with the ABC dino that Uncle Scott, Aunt Chrisite, and the kids gave him for his birthday. It plays the ABC song and he was listening to it and then he started singing! He was trying to sing the ABC song!! Can you believe it???

When we got home we had lunch, and then it was time for a nap. I was able to get my project finished (no class today) and then Gus got up and we went down and played until Steve got home.

I took a video of Gus singing the ABC song with me (it's uploading on YouTube and I'll post if it finishes before I'm done blogging)... he's absolutely amazing to me!! Please excuse my singing...  ;-)

I made meatloaf for dinner (so yummy) and Gus ate all of his dinner! Steve made the veggies and we had left over mashed potatoes from the other night. We're out of propane so I have to use the oven or crock-pot for dinner until we get more gas. It was a great dinner though, and we practiced drinking from a glass tonight. Gus did fairly well...

Here are some pictures from after dinner:

I didn't know what Gus's shirt said, and today at the playdate one of the mom's told me... it says, "I'm the boss"-- amen.  :)

We don't have anything planned for tomorrow or Friday and I'm actually glad that we can just stay home and have fun. We might go to the park if it's nice, but it's supposed to rain. It's actually raining right now and I'm getting sleepy listening to the rain come down. It's not even 9 and I'm ready to call it a day.

One last picture of Gus from a year ago and then I'm off to dream land!
If that didn't bring a smile to your face... I don't know what will!


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