Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Dream Last Night

So it could be from the Nyquil stupor that I was in, but I had a very real dream last night. I dreampt that we became the parents to two twin girls. 

It wasn't outwardly said in my dream, but I think we adopted them. It was so real and crazy, when I woke up I was actually scared that I had twins to take care of PLUS Gustafer.

It'd be one thing to find out and have time to plan for (as much as possible) but I woke up so scared. LOL.  I don't know how my mom raised my brother at age 5 and then us (twins) at the same time. Talk about tough!!

It got me thinking though... I would love to parent twins, I think they're amazing. We'll see... maybe adoption #2 will be for twins!!


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