Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Happy February!


What a day! Gus decided that his days of sleeping in and taking long naps are OVER. BOOOOOOO!!!

He was up and ready to go at 7:30 this morning. I could have slept for another hour (at least). We had a good morning and played with his blocks...
Playing with his slinky

Yes, he took his pants off

After playing all morning, he was finally ready to go down for a nap.

I put him down, let the dogs out, and then plugged my phone into my computer to charge. When I went to let the dogs back in... surprise, surprise... only one came inside (any guesses as to which came inside???). I called and called for (yes... you guessed it) Elphie, but she didn't come. I finally went outside to see what the deal was, and saw that the OTHER gate was cracked. GRRRRR

So she was gone... AGAIN.

I went to the front and called her for but there were no signs. I came inside and texted Steve to tell him that she was gone... and he immediately knew that it had to be the gate. He said he noticed it was cracked this morning, but didn't have time to close it.

I had a birthday card to mail to my niece for her 7th birthday on Friday, so I grabbed the card and headed outside to the mailbox. Just as I looked up from depositing my mail, I saw Elphie... at the neighbor's house. She was on her back getting her belly rubbed. 

I (totally embarrassed) told the guy that she was my dog and hiked up his driveway to get her. He was very nice and was very understanding. He said he saw her down the street... and she eventually made her way towards his house. He figured she was someone's dog from the neighborhood. I told him that we just moved from NC and her tags still say NC on them... he said he'd keep an eye out for her if she ever escaped again.

He looked at our front door and made a comment about Ned waiting for her (Ned was standing at the door looking out). I carried her back home and sent Steve a text that she was back home. She was tired for the rest of today.

Gus got up and we went to Kroger. He was hungry and was delighted when the deli lady offered him a piece of cheese.

We had a great rest of the afternoon and now I'm ready for bed. We have a playdate tomorrow (with AAM) and I'm hoping that this one is better than the last one. We'll see... it's from 10-12 and Dina will be there. I'm praying that we have a good time.

I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow.


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