Saturday, February 04, 2012

Silly Saturday

Slurping Noodles

This morning was great... I got to sleep in and then I had a donut for breakfast (lol). Then I headed off to my nail appointment and had a great hour and a half of "me time." I stopped at Jimmy Johns on the way home and picked up sandwiches for us for lunch.

I haven't had JJ in forever... like MONTHS. I didn't know that we had one so close to our home! I'm serious... we live within a few miles of EVERY and ANYTHING you could want or need. It's pretty amazing.

I got home and was shocked to see that Gus was up (it was 12:30 and I left at 11 for my nail appointment). I assumed that he was about to go down for his nap, but Steve said he had already gone down, and only slept for about 45 minutes. UGHT OH!!

Gus ended up going down for a second nap at like 3:45 and slept for just over an hour. When he got up, he was a bit cranky, hungry, and ready for dinner.

I let him help me in the kitchen and he had so much fun in the tot tower (THANK YOU AGAIN DAD (and Steve) FOR MAKING THIS!!!!)
Finger painting (with the bag from the other day)

Playing with his cars and running them over the paint

Playing with Mr. Burns (from the Simpsons)

Mr. Burns and two cars... a happy boy!

We sat down for dinner and Gus didn't want to touch the chicken (he's so picky sometimes). He had almost all of his carrots and then we had some noodles with dinner. He wasn't sure about the noodles... then I showed him how to "slurp" them and he tried. He was hooked!! He ended up eating a TON of noodles for dinner!
Eating noodles


Ah Ha! The first slurping... hee hee hee

Gus had so much at dinner! We were so proud of how well he ate! We listened to the Gus songs that I just bought for him (it's a CD of songs that put his name into the songs) and he loved listening to them. We sang "Five Little Monkeys" and he was doing the actions... then we had some ice cream for dessert!

Gus went down without a fight! Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday and I'm hoping the Giants win (I hate the Patriots). We'll be watching the game in the basement... not sure what we'll have for dinner... maybe I'll check on Pinterest and find us something yummy!



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