Sunday, February 05, 2012

A Year of Gratitude #36

A Year of Gratitude #36: Adoptive Soldier Coming Home!

I've been participating in Soldiers' Angels for several years now, and I've had probably hundreds of soldiers that I've adopted. I've sent letters and care packages and enjoyed receiving letters back from my soldiers.

My most recent adoptee is named Edwin Rodriguez and I just got the notification today that he's coming home!! I'm thankful that he'll be returning to his family and now I am going to go on and adopt a new person.

I used to get two names per week and it was overwhelming to keep track of all my guys/girls... but then they changed it to one soldier and you had them until notified. Edwin is the second one that I've had that has come home safe and sound. 

I'm so thankful that nothing happened to him and he'll be reunited with his loved ones!!


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