Thursday, February 09, 2012

A Year of Gratitude #40

A Year of Gratitude #40:  Not Pulled Over

Today while Gus and I were on the way home from seeing Kristen and Grace, I had a moment of thankfulness. 

I usually drive about five MPH over the speed limit and I always set my car on cruise control. It's just easier for me not to go too fast that way. 

Anyway, while I was driving, this white car was totally on my rear... was in a major hurry and wouldn't go around me. So I sped up a bit to get over so they could pass me... and when they passed, I glared at the driver. They were being so ridiculous. 

Well, the white car sped up and was on the rear of the car that had been in front of me, and was causing everyone to have to try and get out of their way. JERK. 

Just as I was about to go under an overpass, I saw a motorcycle police officer and he was putting something into the seat storage of his bike... he hopped on his bike and took off so fast! I watched in my rearview mirror and was certain that I was getting pulled over.

EVEN THOUGH I was not really speeding... I just sped up to get out of the way of the white car. Anyway, I had heart palpitations... I've NEVER been pulled over... not in the 19 years that I've been driving.

I got over to the right lane (in case I was being pulled over) and expected the officer to get behind me and put on his lights... but he didn't! He flew past me and of course the white car had slowed down... the officer pulled up next to the white car... and then in less than 10 seconds, he pulled behind him and put on his lights!!!

I was so excited! Not only that I wasn't getting a ticket, but because for the first time EVER... the guy that deserved to be pulled over... was!!! You know what I'm talking about... it's when you say, "Where's a cop when you need one???" after seeing a really reckless driver. Well... today, that officer was right where he needed to be and got the bad guy!!!

I was so thankful that I didn't get pulled over instead, and that Gus and I made it there and back safe and sound.


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