Tuesday, February 07, 2012

A Year of Gratitude #38

A Year of Gratitude #38: Gus Chose Me

This is going to sound pathetic I'm sure, but I am thankful tonight because Gus chose me to comfort him. We put him to bed and not even twenty minutes after we put him down, he was crying. Not just whiney crying, he was in hysterics. I told Steve I didn't know what was wrong with him, so we both went up to see.

Steve went in first and Gus was in the corner of his crib crying... major tears and so very very unhappy. Steve got him out and Gus immediately wanted mama.


It's been SO LONG since he wanted his mama... he's been in the "I want Daddy for EVERYTHING phase" for months. It's killed me inside each time he denies me and goes to Steve, but I knew that most toddlers go through phases... and I'm sure he'll go back to the "I want Daddy" phase soon enough.

But tonight, he wanted his mama and let me comfort him. I rocked him and soothed him and he finally calmed down. It made my heart so happy that he let me be there to give him some love and snuggles.

I'm so thankful (even if it was just for tonight) that he chose me to give him lovins tonight.


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