Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Good Day

Is it me or does he look so much older than 20 months????

We had a great day today! The cleaning crew arrived at 8:30 and Gus was totally interested in what they were doing. They left the vacuum attachment out and the duster... and of course Gus found them. He decided he wanted to help them (Maybe I should ask for a discount?!?)!

We headed downstairs when they were done, so that we could get out of their way. They did think Gus was entertaining though :-)
In the basement, Gus found his vacuum and got to work

While we were down there, Wendy called me. It was so good to talk to her and catch up on things. I talked to her last week (for like an hour), and it was a great way to spend my time in the basement this morning. :-)

Graciela called down to me and let me know that they were done, so Gus and I cleaned up and headed back upstairs. 
Reading his new book

Gus and Mama <3

We played a bit up here and then I fed him a light lunch and he went down for his nap. He slept for about two and a half hours! While he was sleeping... my Dove Dark Chocolate Cherry candies came!! WHOO HOO!!
Not sure why this picture is crooked

Gus got up, he had a snack, and then we watched Dinosaur Train. Steve got home and we headed to Kozmo for dinner. It's Tuesday, so they had their Southern Comfort Fried Chicken dinner special... we split a dinner and had a good night out with Gus. He was such a good boy at dinner.
Carrying his booster to the car for dinner

At dinner

So happy with Daddy


My two favorites!!!

The moon was CRAZY big and bright tonight!!!

Gus's Snuggie also arrived today (it was like $2.99)!! It's a little large, but he'll grow into it...

Tonight I took some pictures of Gus being crazy... he literally was running everywhere and had a BURST of energy!

It was time for bed, so he went in and brushed his teeth while Steve got everything ready for him (his pjs and diaper).
I still can't believe that my little baby is big enough to stand on a step stool and brush his teeth!!

Tomorrow we're going to the Bible study. Gus will be left with the elderly ladies in the nursery... it'll be the first time that I've left him. I told Christy my concerns and she said she was in the same boat with her oldest son. This church/Bible study is the first place she left her boys and she said they're great. If there's a problem, they'll come and get me. She said to bring two diapers, a change of clothes, and his sippy and they provide a snack.

She said it'll be good for both of us. I just hope he's okay... if he's not, I'll just get him and we'll leave. At least I'm trying (right????). It feels so odd that I'm leaving him with someone else so I can do a non-mommy and Gus thing. 

Someone tell me that I'm not crazy for feeling like this is crazy. Tell me that it's normal to feel the insecurities and fears that I have about this. I know I'm being irrational... he'll be in the same building as me... but I still feel terrible that I'm leaving him.

Wish us both luck!


Proud Mama said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I hope today went well. Just listen to YOUR gut. Don't worry if others tell you it is time. It is only time when you both are ready. Hugs, mama.

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